Five Feng Shui Home Upgrades To Make You Feel More Powerful!

Apr 2, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity

(tom fruin)

Small upgrades lead to big life shifts. I am mid-upgrades at home, and as I clean, clear and stock up, it felt like a great time to share some feng shui ease to feel more powerfully at home.

When you are at home in your home, you have this next layer of energy protection from negativity. You have a place to recharge. You have your intention printed in your environment. You have peace and meditative bliss. It’s really so vital to have that feeling of home, and you can have more of it right now!

Windows truly polished.   

Make sure your windows are all secure.

I’m in the process of having all the screens in my rental property repaired. Each and every one is out of alignment and this week all will be aligned and well-sealed. From the moment I started working on what some would call frivolous upgrades, my own perception and clarity has shifted wildly.

Now, wash those windows after you’ve done maintenance and repairs. Skip windex and opt for non-toxic cleaning spray.

The difference between clean and not clean windows is the difference between having clear vision of your day and yourself and life around you versus having a “sort of” clear vision or too much confusion.

Clear those windows. Get the energy flowing!!!

Floors crystal clean.

Starting in incredibly ancient times, the idea of washing floors to create stronger home vibrations has been popular. We’ve come to see it in more modern times as a burden of sorts to mop and clean, but housecleaning is a form of magic-making.

Floor washes can have all sort of magical home energy clearing properties. Much more on this is coming this season, but to start:

Vacuum your floors well (or sweep) 

Use a natural floor cleaner designed for your floors in water to mop at least once a week. Add a spoon of sea salt to make this more potent. 

OR, use vinegar and water as your floor wash potion. 

Now, mop joyfully with open windows, imagining all the vibes you don’t need leaving your house!

Make a core style statement.

What’s your style?

Knowing the answer to this question can open up a universe of options for your home. Even one style statement can turn your house into a home.

I’ve said in so many workshops recently that I’m at home wherever I have a disco ball. It’s so true, it’s just so me. You likely have things that connect you to your core style. Make sure they are prominent in your space and enjoy them immensely!!!

Eliminate “settling.”

When you settle for things that sit in your home, it’s a giant energy drain. I know because I’ve sat on many “settled-for” sofas, chairs and at settled-for tables.

It’s far better to let go of it or refurbish it than to settle for it. If you can’t afford a brand new one, you can always make the new you have much better. If you can’t improve it, maybe it’s best to live without it until you can improve it!

Organize your energy tools.

My giant toolkit of everything energy-making: from resin to floor washes, smudging herbs to Vitamixes and water vortex makers (yes, it gets exotic over here, it’s my job to bring you the best of it all) is deeply organized and well-stocked.

What’s interesting is that I find it less appealing aesthetically to have it all on display. You don’t need to turn your home into a boho paradise (it may not be your style) to gather up everything that you need to keep every room at an energized point of loveliness.

Every room can have a secret stash of sage, crystals, potions, oils… Or a hall closet can have a basket full to grab whenever you need a boost… Or, of course, you can splash it out everywhere if you love how it all looks!

The important thing is to have what you love on hand so you can use it all. I have a desk drawer full of salts, resins, charcoal, and about 20 other things I use as I feel them in order to keep the energy high and light in my life. (I actually have several drawers like this throughout my house! again: it’s my job!)

I noticed that people had some stuff (incense but no burner, resins and no charcoal, the want to take a bath and no salt for it, etc) so I encourage you to both make a high-vibe collection for yourself of the things that lift your spirits and keep your energy high…and also, to make sure it stays stocked with essentials. Simple things like adding baking soda to your grocery list can make it easier to always have a lot of fun on the ready when you need it!

You can learn more about the benefits of a high-vibe home right HERE. 

It’s incredible what the smallest switches can do for your home and life, because each mirrors the other. Take a little time to dive into your feng shui, in your own best way, and life will serve you up loads of pleasant surprises as you create a sanctuary.

If you’re ready to get started, you can download the feng shui DIY guide – FENG SHUI 101- right HERE and start diving into a whole new source of power generated by your home!



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    I love this! These are such easy tips!


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