How Your Home Can Bring Your Dreams Closer To You!

Apr 4, 2018 | Creativity


While I’ve had feng shui in my life for a long time, I find that less and less I lean on any kind of tradition and more and more I rely on whatever innovations get the job done.  I’ve always been a sort of synthesizer- my view of things is so novel that I have had life coaches tell me it’s better if I coach myself because they couldn’t really understand my thought process.  I thought it made me weird, but it actually makes this work!

That self-reliance has proven to be a gift.  You have the same gift.  We are all so gifted in ways that are so unique. But… without structure, it’s a trick to direct all those gifts into products, art and life made manifest.

Our environment, at it’s best, mirrors our gifts and greatness.

Shaping that environment focuses our energy and gives form to the ways we can share our gifts every day.

While I haven’t put a name on my ways of Dana Shui (!) if you’ve been around for a while, it’s always evolving from it’s core.  I’m only interested in gorgeous results that are seen, felt, experienced… and there’s always another level to hit.

All this introduction has a point today, because we’re talking about making life more effective, more self-actualized and more enacted.

Every time I look to make change, I start with me.  If I’m not doing this, after all, why would you try it?

And, lately, in my own life, the bar got raised extremely high.  It’s time for yet another energy innovation.

I’m not interested in just believing in myself or believing in the great outcomes, since I’ve spent a lot of my life believing and beliving and remaining in an extremely stuck place all at the same time.

Dreams can’t stay dreams forever— either they become life or else, ultimately, they languish.

Bringing the dream into action.  This is what it’s all about. 


I’ve said this abut 40 times to people so far this year so it’s well worth saying it here: I’m not a miracle worker.  Neither is feng shui, or any other modality of energy.

You, however, do have that paradigm-shifting power within you. 

Relying on faith is beautifully vital in spirituality and situations out of our hands.  I have a whole lot of faith, I love it and need it.

Faith, though, won’t clean your house, make the business plan, have the needed conversations, pick up the kids at school or write the book.

You get what I’m saying: there comes a time where even the strongest faith demands that we live it.

When there are actual choices to make to change a situation, creativity to be activated, resourcesfulness to tap into, energy to elevate… this is when all the visceral power of space matters the most.

If you don’t know what you want, at all, it’s almost impossible to create a plan. You aren’t going to hire a construction crew to build an abstract idea.  You need a very clear and well-reviewed blueprint.

Mindmaps can help.

Empowered vision boards can help.

A journal can help.

Whatever helps you to put your dreams on paper and in concrete form is what is the best.

I’ve found that having a plan is half the work.

The more clear your life plan is, the more clear your home can support you. We’ll get there in just a second.

Enter the Fifth Dimension.  It’s a fancy/cosmic way of saying that you’re making life happen in a heartfelt way every single day.

Every single day, create a space that mirrors your life at it’s most self-actualized.

Yes: every single day.

While we can blueprint your home transformation together in a few hours of a consultation, the implementation and practices are daily.   People come into your home with all kinds of energy.  Life changes,  goals change, even yur favorite colors change as your energy shifts.

The more you are actively connected to your space, the more you can evolve it, step by step, to keep moving your life forward.

Your home is literally a magnet.

Every time I dive in and do even a little work at home,  still, every single day, it’s been deeply life-changing.

Don’t underestimate the power of your space.

It’s what is everywhere around you.  It’s your mirror.  It’s your energy field.  It’s your habits. It’s your supercharger.

If you’ve made plans, stuffed them in a drawer and said that one day you’d get to it… those days are over as soon as you decide to make the shift.

Your home, when activated with intention, will not let that happen!

You’ll be seeing these plans absolutely everywhere and with each burst of joy, sensory richness and light you add to your space, you’ll be forwarding the momentum of those plans.

Get clear. Get to planning.  Design your dream life. Then: live it.

If you’re psyched to dive in and begin, you can download the feng shui guide– Feng Shui 101— right HERE and get started now!

Gather up and focus your magic. The world needs your gifts.



P.S.: If you want to really immerse yourself in the light of joy so much more, my favorite Feng Shui and cutting-edge energy-shifting tools that I use almost every day are HERE for you in the Joy Immersion: 30 Day Negativity Detox! 


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