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Apr 24, 2018 | Creativity

(@urbanfarmstead is my dream space!!!)

My newest active obsession is a patio garden grown from seed, filled with a rainbow edible flowers, veggies, melons and some herbs.  Indoors, there’s a flat of micro-greens always growing.  Trees everywhere, plants in every room… but this garden from seed is particularly important to me right now.

There are so many ways that we are like plants, and the cycle from seed to sprout to flower is one of the more instructive ways to think about growing all of life.

We need the right soil. Or, I should say, the right growth-medium. 

You can grow seeds in water, in and in soil and other mediums… but it depends on the seed.  The microgreens above grew in coconut soil that came in tiny pods and expands a zillion times over in water.  Some wildflowers can be scattered and they’ll sprout up beautifully where they land.  Some seeds need a depth of an inch or more to incubate under the soil.  Some plants prefer clay, others like rich fertilized dirt like watermelons (I’m starting some today!) and others like sandy soil that drains well.

My point: each seed needs it’s own type of environment.  There’s no one super-soil that is ideal for every plant.  We, too, need our own specific types environments.  Allow yourself to create the feeling and comfort that helps to hatch your ideas and inspirations.

Water is so important.

Seeds all have a watering schedule.

We do, too!

Water isn’t just vital to drink.  Quick showers recharge your energy.  Baths in salt can be detoxifying.

Light is vital.

Light (sunlight/ growing lights indoors) is what catalyzes chemical reactions that wake up seeds and set their growth in motion.

We need light for making our own Vitamin D in the Spring and Summer especially. Year round, light helps regulate our sleep cycle and our moods.  Beyond that, light also raises your vibration higher.  Seek that fresh light!!!

The vibes matter.

The energy around plants will affect their growth. This has been studied and measured.

The energy around us will affect our growth in every way as well!!!  Keep your home full of love and you’ll have an incredible growth environment.  Always clear lots of space energetically, like I am above, clearing space at Four Moons Space with salt and fire, to keep the energy even higher and lighter.

Love makes all the difference in the world.  Shower your life with love and keep the highest vibes flowing!

Nutrients make the difference.

Plants all need specific types of fertilizer.

We, too, need our own specific nutrients.  Eat intuitively.  Pay attention to how you’re fueling your life!

We all need space.

While you can grow a ton in a small space of garden, you still need some space. The smaller the space, the more deliberate it needs to be organized,  but it will serve its purpose!

You can grow your whole life in every way from a small space — just make sure its a clear and deliberately designed space where you can focus, settle in and grow!

We need support.

My green beans need poles to grow.  Tomatoes like cages.  Vines like a trellis.  Melons and heavy fruits like hammocks.

We, too, could use support for some of our growth endeavors. Having to do everything all by yourself can stunt your growth or hold you back or put unnecessary stress on your life.

And always, our instinct is to grow.

Plants seek to grow.  We naturally seek to grow.

When we are impeded with obstacles, the more we can act like plants and bend and stretch toward the sunlight, the more we will thrive.

Our Nature is to be like Nature.

Set up your life so that you can grow.  Setting up a growth-promoting environment means infusing your life with positive messages, customized experiences and all the energies that feed your soul.

As I head out for soil, food, pots and a trellis for my patio garden, I can say it may take a little thought to get it all done and set up most optimally.  But, just one adjustment to my bean seeds has seen them shoot up 3 X bigger in a day! So, every little deliberate step counts!!!



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