My Favorite Energy Expert Shares Awesome Wisdom About Keeping Our Vibes High!

Apr 26, 2018 | Creativity

(Vitor Schietti)

If you live in a place with lots of interest in awakening and alternative healing, you may have heard some of these words… Lightworkers.  Cord cutting.  Energy clearing. Chakra balancing. And there are many more, all that describe invisible energies we feel but can’t necessarily see.

I always say we see that invisible stuff- every emotion and pattern- in space.  Your environment and the things happening in it are an incredible mirror of the invible energies.

Also, we feel all these things— drained or exhilerated, defeated or inspired, flexible or stuck— every day even if we can’t see them.

When you start clearing heavy energy from your home and your life you’ll find lightness in ways that feel magical, but they’re really practical.  If you dive deeper into your own energy field and habits (all a part of your energy) you’ll see that each decision to vibrate higher and make fresh choices creates more room to grow.

My personal experience with energy healers has been a mixed bag, even though I’m fairly careful in my selection.  I didn’t know until I tried things what it was that I was doing.  That said,  I choose to focus on the great ones!  Acupuncture has saved my body in many ways and taught me about my energy.  And a select few experiences with energy healing of other modalities have shown me there are ways to harness more light in every day.

Today, I’m excited to share a conversation with one of those great light-workers, Julie Hovsepian, who has opened my eyes to a lot of the ease and beauty in understanding my own energy in a personal way!

After our Sunday workshop in Encinitas (yes, it was fun!) at Four Moons Spa where I got to share DIY feng shui in ways that boost energy followed by Julie’s energy boosting guided meditation, we sort of floated home to Los Angeles.  As we talked, I randomly started relating things in my life now (how I’m no longer a super-early morning person)  to a very strange and dark situation in the past when it began.  In a flash, Julie said, “I don’t think they’re related… but, you may be still connected to this person energetically…”

And it all made sense.  We talked about how to let go of that attachment (right away!  it explained a lot of the flashbacks and odd things I had noticed , and, in a few minutes, something that perplexed me became so light and ready to be done.   It was the perspective I needed and the freedom I didn’t even realize I was seeking!

This ease and simplicity- and openness without fear and judgement- is part of why I am so excited that Julie agreed to answer my questions about how she became a professional in the realm of energy work!

How did you get led into this work with light and energy to help people and places to vibrate higher? There’s so much about what you do that is truly unique.

As a kid I was always drawn to helping people, was always extremely inclusive, and always felt a deeper compassion for people (than the average people around me) but I didn’t realize the connection until more recently.  How it actually happened as it related to realizing my soul purpose/path was totally universe intervention.

I was working at a great job in the music industry for 13 years and got let go from my job for no sensible reason, and strangely I never once was upset about it because I was feeling the deep craving for change. That’s when my spiritual journey really kicked in and healers began coming into my life one after the other. It all solidified when an incredible teacher, Alessandro Giannetti came into my life and helped me harness my intuitive and energetic abilities.  He taught me to understand the importance of recharging and protecting my energy in order to be able to help the greatest amount of people, and to consciously be authentic in the work by continuing to stay in our/my light.

I’ve written posts before about working with healers and light-workers . I’ve tried many healers and modalities, and not all of it was light or positive!  (There’s more on this HERE for those of you reading this who are interested)  How did you sift through the noise to find this practice?  

After some time in the healing space, I started to truly understand what it meant that the universe is all about balance and that with light comes darkness, and we can pretend it doesn’t exist but at a certain point I was shown too much to prove otherwise.

It’s extremely important for people to trust their intuition when working with people who are doing energy work.  It ultimately comes down to…”Is this person a true beacon of light – connecting purely to light/source energy to help others – or are they not conscious of the difference?”

You should always, always feel better after an energetic healing.


I always have a sense that people who deal with energy have a special sense of vision (like a superhero power!) and can see what’s invisible to others.  How do you explain the energy we can’t see but we feel…? 

The deeper you hone your intuitive skills, the more you are able to see/feel when something is off on or around you.

It’s so important for people to have a daily meditation practice because it helps with clarity on so many things the universe is constantly trying to tell us that we keep missing because we are distracted or moving 100 miles per hour.

In general, if you are getting sleep, truly taking care of yourself but continue to have this feeling of heaviness or depressive thoughts, and headaches it usually is a sign of some heavy energies that need to be removed.  In my practice I use my intuitive gift to hone in on this for people. It’s all distance work, we don’t have to be in person for me to figure out what they are dealing with or clear the energies off of them. By connecting to their energy, I am able to get an understanding of what is happening and help them through it.

Is energy work is a religious practice? Is it going to interfere with anyone’s religious beliefs?

Energy work has nothing to do with religion, but it is spiritual. It’s connecting to something bigger than us that is guiding us in the universe – for me it’s Source energy (ultimate creation/universe energy), but for others it can be a star in the sky, it can be any tradition that speaks to you, it can be anything that inspires you to go for everything in life — without any limiting beliefs.

We are all made of energy, frequency and vibration – The work I do is connecting to the highest form of light energy to guide through our bodies to help us feel better, stronger, more energized.

How can we bring more high vibes into our lives?

There are several things people can do on a daily basis to naturally increase your energy frequency – the top ones would be meditation, physical activities that raise your endorphins, finding a hobby that makes you so alive/passionate about something, charging your body in the sun with some natural sunlight, and cutting the connection from toxic people in your life – realizing how important boundaries are for your health.

With energy work, there is a great meditative healing that I was taught that increases our energetic frequency and makes us more magnetic beings to attract from a vibration to get what we should have versus what we think we want.

How do our own actions play into a life that’s clear and stays clear? For example: let’s say you’ve helped to clear darkness away… and someone keeps doing the same things they were doing afterward, will the dark come right back?

The higher you vibrate, the more of a light being that you are, the more you may attract heavier energies but that should never deter people from shining at their absolute brightest. Light will always overcome dark.  I have techniques to help shield people that are great.

It comes down to always staying in your power, and understanding the lessons that sometimes need to be learned with these energies to make us stronger.

Do you ever reach a point in this high vibe living where you are so high and joyful that nothing can come near you in terms of the dark stuff? 

Yes absolutely – the protection of your guides and angels is a big part of this and for others it’s about mastery and owning your power.

In general, everyone should aim to energetically vibrate as high as possible.

I have this motto that is on my website and it means a lot to me in terms of where we are with the major issues in society right now and the importance of making a huge global shift together…

i’ve always loved the saying “feeling golden”. for me, living in a golden state is living in your light.

the more you shine from the inside out, the more you are able to help others around you shine.

the more we’re able to raise the vibes of everyone around us, the more we’re able to affect major change together.

At the School of Guided Light Healing we do have a “Dark Forces” workshop series for people that are interested in getting much more in depth on this topic. People can reach out to for information on the next series dates.

If people are looking to bring more light into their lives right now in the ways that you work, what’s something to do to start flow?  

My dark energy healings are great and easy and people always notice a difference pretty immediately. You can check out more on those and other healings that I offer-both at a distance and in person— here.  



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