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May 24, 2018 | Creativity

Yes, everything is magnetic. At least everything we see every day, everywhere around us.

Magnetism, roughly defined, is the force exerted on something by charged particles.

A magnet itself will pull toward it or repel from it another magnet.

We are all magnetic. We have a magnetic field. The largest magnetic field we have is radiating from our heart.

This means: you are either magnetically sending things away or drawing them near.

BOTH are magnetism at work.

If you want more of something… create enough charged particles to draw it into your life.

This is, at a basic level, how Feng Shui operates in practical terms. You’re charging up your space to attract more of what you want, eliminating the things that attract more of what you don’t want.

Magnetically attracting what you want is working the way the universe works!

Feeling LOVE (mind you: not just being in a romantic relationship but, rather, feeling love every day!)is the first step to making everything you want come so much easier.

It’s also counterintuitive.

The sentence starts like this: 

“I want to love my life but I can’t love my life if… or until… or because…”

Then, at the end of that sentence, insert a whole lot of conditions. 

A few that were big ones for me at some points in my life:

…I make enough money…I lose x amount of weight… I accomplish x big thing… I quit x habit… I heal from x illness… 

There was always something that was standing squarely between me and love. It kept relationships away. It kept money away. It kept jobs away.

It also kept wasting precious time in my life waiting to be “perfect” enough and to have my life be “upgraded” enough to love my it.

When you’re just waiting for life to begin, and you’re out there hustling to make it perfect, this isn’t magnetic. It’s actually signing yourself up for a world of pain, even if you do get things you’ve wanted. It’s all hard. It’s all limited. It’s all a whole lot of arduous work.

Loving life makes things easier. It often, ironically, requires a leap of faith.

  • Faith that you’ll still be motivated to create your dreams even if you’re in love with your life right now, as it is. 
  • Faith that you’ll be ABLE to love your life after years of dissatisfaction being normal.
  • Faith that you’ll feel worthy of all that love.

And, of course:

  • Faith that love will actually make a difference. 

People basically prodded me for years to love my life and be more grateful for what I had even if it wasn’t much. They tried to tell me it would bring me more abundance. They tried to urge me to heal by accepting things.

It felt like noise.

I was not about to stop striving every single day to climb to a place where I was good enough and my life was good enough to actually love it.

The things is, it turned me into a robot. Cold. A workhorse. A single-minded, extremely-driven, totally imbalanced person .

I did not get much more “stuff” because I tried so damn hard.

I did get sick, depressed and nearly broken from it, though.

The point, of course:

You can choose to love your life right now and still improve on it every single day.

It’s a grand cliché now to talk about the Law of Attraction. Feng Shui is the law of attraction gorgeously in action. It’s the magnetism of life distilled into the environment. It brings us closer to Nature, it reels in abundance, it bring love.

It also won’t work if you don’t participate.

I can put all the Feng Shui “money cures” in the world in someone’s house but if they’re convinced they can’t make the change, it won’t!!!

We all have to participate in creating our lives.

That’s where magnetism comes in. It fires your intention. It tells the universe what you need and you start to expect it. When you see, feel and believe it— as well as taking action toward it— you’re going to see stuff manifest.

You likely know this, and so did I, but I didn’t manifest anything when I was not in love with my life. When I denied myself, when I sought answers from anyone with an oracle, when I wanted and wished to be anyone else who had what I wanted… I was not creating my life. No matter how much I fixated, meditated and visualized and vision boarded.

The things that most excite me are learning along the way how to clear space of what’s not love.

I’ve been having profound experiences of this every day, like lightning, lately.

Letting go of what I didn’t want brought me more of what I did.

It always does.

Magnetism isn’t fixation. It’s a state of love.

It isn’t mechanical, it’s creative.

It isn’t thinking all day. It’s living.

Let go of what isn’t love, including your judgements of why you may not deserve to love your life right now, and let yourself have this creative freedom. Living. Loving it.

You’ll find more answers, more right paths and more manifestation every single day.

And if you want to take it home and start clearing away everything that’s been corroborating the idea that off in the distance is a life that you can feel grateful for, that you can shape and grow and expand, start clearing your space.

Wishing you much love and the highest vibes!

xoxo Dana

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