The Decisions That Make You A Better At Manifesting What You Want!

May 31, 2018 | Creativity

(lalah deliah)

Lately, I’ve become acutely aware of how I feel more by the moment because it has everything to do with how my days go.

When I feel lower than usual, or cloudy, or stuck… I crave certain things, and maybe you do, too.

And it can happen in an instant, it seems.

I crave social media, tv, super-sweet snacks, sleep even though I’m not tired…

It’s the start of a down spiral in momentum.  It’s the start of losing steam and power and joy.

It may not be the start of a big mood crash, but it’s the invitation for haze, difficulty and cloudiness to wash over the day.

This is when I’ve come to see I have decisions to make, in those moments before I click on Instagram or start wondering and thinking too much or anything else.

These decisions have been the make/break point between creating life and living at the effect of life.

Today, we can all start making even more decisions that make us masters and manifesting what we want!


Faith in the universe, faith in yourself, trusting your abilities… it’s all so super-simple when life is going your way, you know?

But every day, we are walking through a dynamic field of energy. People, places, thoughts, conversations, waves of energy everywhere.

We’re sent information all day.  We’re blitzed with energy.

We can’t really hide from it.  And there’s no need to fear it.

We are meant to experience everything.  But, we don’t have to invite everything home to have a cup of tea with us and stay a while!

The trick is, from what I’ve seen so far… to choose wisely where to engage.

It’s an active process.


If I’m feeling depleted or uninspired, I can take a shower, grab some aromatherapy, go see some art, make some art, walk my dog… read a book, take a bath…

Or… I can open up a social media account and get lost, start wondering too much, sit too long, and feel worse.


If I cave and forget to make that choice, I shake it off as quickly as possible and get back into the light, light, light.

It’s the same with anything.  Choice is a big deal.

I’ve forgotten how much choice I have quite often, feeling like… “Oh, today is just not a good day…”

It is.

It always is!!!

Choose love — the choice, the thought, the action, the words that are full of love— and you’re in such a powerful place to rise. You’re also far more “shielded” from that draining stuff coming anywhere near you.

On that note, I am off to spend hours in my spiritual practice, hanging more art, walking for miles with the fur kids and dousing me and my whole home with magic.



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