Soften Your Home And Life To Receive Much More!

Jun 21, 2018 | Creativity


Soften up your home and life. Soft is so powerful.

While lots of us have been taught to be tough and push hard to get to “the top”, being softer is more effective and way more sustainable as a success strategy…and a design vibe… and a way to feel great!


Soft is a whole universe of welcome.
You want to sink into a soft bed. You feel comforted by a soft pillow. It doesn’t matter the season: soft is always spectacular!

Let’s talk about soft and your life.

It’s the Strala philosophy underpinning a system of movement and yoga created by the most brilliant Tara Stiles that is beyond life-changing. Instead of sort of jamming your body into poses, you ease into them. Instead of powering through sequences in the name of fitness or expertise, you truly flow.

Instead of looking for the “no pain, no gain,” there’s a way that really does work better even though it’s contrary to what may feel familiar— actually creating life in flow.

Finding the path of least resistance.

Choosing self-love over staying up all night or skipping out on self-care in the name of barreling toward achievement.

If you said this to me even five or six years ago I’d say, “Who is going to be excellent being lazy?” I’d roll my eyes and sit so long very day my legs hurt chronically, working and working.   I’d leave self-love for later… or, at times, convince myself that living my dreams was enough self love.

This is painful, unsustainable and also not prosperous.

If you have to suffer or give extreme amounts to get what you’re getting now… to get more of anything, can you imagine, with this mindset, how hard it will be and how much more rigorous and painful?

If you’re in that mindset, I bet you can. Your friends might tell you to “be tough.” Your coaches might suggest to “power through.” You might search for ways to have more energy (life hacks, caffeine hacks, how to live with less sleep hacks) instead of resting, because resting is lazy.

But it’s not.

And if you go down this path for too long, whatever you are working toward will not likely feel worth all you’ve given up to get it.

So, with all that said, why not make it easier?

(elle decor uk)

I now love easy things.

I used to mistrust the energy of things that were easy— as though I only deserved in the proportion that I sacrificed, so if it came easy it was not deserved.

I’ve come to see that easy things- particularly where creativity is involved— are actually the right things. The Path of Least Resistance sets me in my right direction. It’s not without challenge and obstacles… but it all feels way easier…!

When I’m in a creative zone of brilliance is when I’m sleeping, walking in parks full of trees, taking naps, having time for love and for self-love. This is when it all comes together.

When I have to belabor things, push too hard, or… worry a lot…I am not soft enough.

All of that energy is rigid.

It’s as difficult to break through that tough energy as it is to clear out a totally-stuffed garage. The overwhelm, the solidity of all that stuff staring you in the face is so repellant, it’s so much easier to walk away, close the door and pretend it doesn’t exist.

That clutter in the garage still grows even when we don’t see it.

The clutter in life that accumulates when we forget to be soft, receptive and well-cared-for also still grows when we pretend the aches, the exhaustion, the fogginess and confusion and numbness are not happening. 

Soft is a super-powerful energy.

From soft towels (I love Everplush!) to soft music, soft colors to softer rugs. Softer thoughts. Softer schedules. Softer reactions.

You may still need to be tough sometimes when it’s called for, but when soft rules the day, everything is flow, light, unlimited and easy to approach.

What you’ve been waiting for may just appear when you soften enough to welcome it in!



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