An Amazing Way To Sweep Your Space And Life Clear Of Obstacles!

Jul 7, 2018 | Prosperity

Welcome to my most favorite way to eliminate distractions and fill every day with purpose.

If it isn’t a resounding yes, it’s a no. 

It can work in so many ways to help you decide, navigate, and clear the path ahead.  It can take needless burdens out of your days and bring new direction where you’ve felt unclear.

What’s wildest is that it’s shown me that I’ve deliberately opted in any ways for complications and stress, and helped me to get beneath the roots of what’s been holding junk of all kinds in place despite how many times I’ve proclaimed that I’m ready for a change.

Liberation from old paradigms is just a decision away…!


When someone first told me to only do what felt right I was like a deer in headlights.

I didn’t do what “felt” right!  I did what I reasoned to be the steps to an exceptional life and accompishment whether I liked it or not.  I thought that “doing what felt right” was for people who had no bigger goals, who had better advantages in childhood, who had wealthy parents and family to pick them up when they fell…

My well-reasoned path served me well in academics.  It wasn’t until I was done with college that my years of step-by-step plotting and any suffering to be done along the way to a goal started to break down.  There were suddenly no clear paths and there were no sure things, test scores or teachers to carry me to a higher level.

Instead I found myself sitting at a Starbucks that is still in Los Angeles with a sketchpad similar to the one I have now, trying to reason out steps to get to somewhere that would be worth it.

Now, I go there and drink tea and draw. Then, I often just stared at a blank paper and found plenty of time to criticize myself, demonize my lack of knowing what to do. I fell far from any sort of connection with how I felt because I didn’t really like much of myself.  I decided to pick an arbitrary path in Hollywood, and even if I had to suffer to attain it, at the very least I would have something to do.

In that space of either having no clue what I wanted or aiming for something totally arbitrary for the sake of having a goal, a tremendous amount of garbage seeped into my life.  Very bad influences, drug addicts, abusive people, bad accidents and deep darkness that I couldn’t fathom a year before while I was strolling down palm-tree lined streets in Palo Alto thinking about art were everywhere I turned.

When you’re disconnected or not following feelings, there’s a certain weakness that can dull your energetic field.  It’s like all the glow and magnetism gets thinned out and the armor of personal radiance and love that usually surround us becomes more permeable to all things… including a lot of the unwanted.

It took me years and years full of hating myself for letting this ruin into my life to understand this.

In those years, I learned to start following my feelings.

Much to my surprise,  the more I started to feel for the right answers and the next steps, the easier it became.

I reminded myself constantly that if something felt bad, if a relationship felt wrong, if a job felt mismatched, if an ideology was out of sync with me… it was just a big NO.

When I turned a blind eye to that intuitive sense and decided to make a wrong relationship “right” or “fight my way” through a job or anything else,  it ultimately ended in time wasted and pockets empty.  Plus, after all these decisions made to “make wrong things right”, there was an inevitable “healing period” to purge all the toxic garbage that had seeped into my energy field because it had become weakened and less glowing as I sunk deeper into a bad-feeling place that I’d fight my way through.

Don’t get my wrong: we can all have jobs we don’t want to do but have to do, not many people I know love doing errands, we’re met with challenges we didn’t seek out actively and we can find ourselves in association with people that we didn’t realize were not great for us.

In all those times I remind myself that I still have choices— to leave, to get the new job, to find the solutions…

…and, to find the ones that feel RIGHT.

Reasoning to make wrong things right is just extra effort that doesn’t change a thing except your energy, leaving you depleted and drained.

Instead, why not find the solutions, the new spaces, make new choices… and do it all following how you feel?!

It’s incredibly empowering.  It’s disarmingly simple.  And, you may be as surprised as I was to see how much space, confidence and magnetism is gained by something as simple as a clear YES or NO.



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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!


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