Moving Into Abundant Living When You’ve Gotten Used To Feeling A Lack

Jul 16, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity


Prosperity and wealth aren’t absolute states that you reach and then… “Boom! Problem-solved, the money has arrived and I’ll never have to think about it again!”

If you know people who have made and lost big fortunes, you know very well that money isn’t some absolute that just sticks around once you have it.

Abundance at it’s core is a state of being, and that state of being feels differently for all of us: whether it’s a sense of inspiration, safety, power, infinite creativity, confidence… or all of the above.

If you’re super abundant and lose money, you know there’s more you’ll make.

If you’re not in that abundant state of mind and some money is lost, it’s deep panic time.

Lots of us have focused on what we have— and what we don’t have, more specifically— and gotten used to this lack and desire being the motivator. There’s never time to work on feeling “abundant” because there’s always something missing, you know?

While it’s awesome to have a North Star of goals guiding you that are full of riches, when you’ve gotten used to “not having” things as a form of motivation, it becomes it’s own habit.

I have called it my personal habit of becoming a “phoenix rising from the ashes”, over and over and over again. Lack motivated me. Crisis motivated me. The last dollars in my bank account motivated me. And, no matter what tricks and tips and systems I learned — and I learned them with passion from some of the bigger names in the “prosperity” game— I was always sort of back to lack no matter how much money came my way.

If you’ve had a hard time moving into a place where abundance is your state of “normal” today’s Feng Shui is all about creating a lifestyle that’s powered by prosperity!

Lack is a habit sometimes. Like all habits, it can feel familiar and even virtuous at times. 

I was once so proud to be a starving artist and all the virtue it implied that I cut myself off from being a successful artist.

If you’ve gotten used to feeling a lack of money, creativity or anything else, a few big things tend to happen in some way.

I’ve lived it, I’ve seen it in hundreds of clients in various forms and you may relate :

1. If you were to get what you wanted, you’d no longer have motivation or purpose. What would you do?!

2. Plus, it’s familiar to not have things. It’s easy to focus on that lack of stuff and say that it’s a big life purpose to create it all. 

3. And… having that survival instinct flashing it’s alarm bells means you don’t have time to do deeper emotional healing, clutter-clearing, organizing or taking risks that you’ve wanted to take but maybe feel scary. 

In a funny way, we can deliberately stay in a state of lacking things. Or, at least I have in the past, and so have hundreds of people I’ve come to know.

That lack becomes this important factor, because it’s a familiar and supposedly “motivating” feeling.

Shifting the energy around you— along with your focus— can help you to start looking at every day with a more exciting momentum and a more abundance-building point of view. You won’t need to hit a crisis to find motivation. You’ll be motivated my your dreams, not your problems. And, in this very big shift, you can build and build more wealth.

When the focus shifts, the wealth and wonderfulness flows far more freely!

OK, this won’t solve every problem on it’s own very time but feeling great and feeling grateful is the core of all creating and manifesting.

When you’ve got a rhythm of what feels great guiding you, you’re more apt to find your momentum springing from a place of gratitude and presence.

The more you weave these feel-great habits into every day, the more you’ll find that lack is not an attractive motivator.

If lack is your motivator, start finding new motivation. 

My father was not exactly the person you’d want to take advice from, not by a long-shot. But, on occasion, when reflecting his brilliant mind upon his own vast missteps, he’d give the kind of advice that seared deep into my consciousness.

“If you want to be rich, don’t do things for the money.”

Lots of us have had periods of time where we “have to” hustle for cash, but hat’s not what he meant. He explained that when you’re doing whatever you’re doing with a real passion and talent for it, “people throw money at you because they can sense it.”

Chasing dollars is not the energy that brings you wealth.

Find something to love about what you’re doing, or do more that you really love outside of your work. Cultivate your gifts and talents. All that skill and love is a magnet for greatness.

This can take you out of a boom-and-bust cycle, weaving deeper purpose into your days.

Elevate the energy everywhere around you.  

On the simplest level, having a prosperous lifestyle is wellness, well-being and love.

It’s all the highest and brightest of vibes.

When I saw this tree literally glowing yesterday after my long walk, it was like the Universe was nodding and winking and telling me that I was on the right track by walking more for the fun of it!

The blog is full of ideas to raise the energy in your home to support you in glowing. You likely already know at least a handful of things you can do that make your space— and you!— feel more fantastic.

The most potent and powerful thing that springs from this great energy and deep connection is the ability to build, shape and grow your ideas, your relationships and your actual wealth in beautiful ways.

Focus on what thrills you. Feel better every day. Keep the energy glowing.

Let that be a part of the North Star of goals that guide you.

Exciting things are always on the way!



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