Feng Shui To See The Signs That You’re On The Right Track!

Jul 18, 2018 | Creativity


I don’t know a single person who doesn’t want some real-world feedback that things are working out.

I want that feedback all the time!

I don’t want to work for six months on something that is leading me into distractions. I don’t want to make bad decisions that create drama. I want to know everything is going on track.

That want for certainty would drive me to psychics, card readings, every kind of expert…

And, not one of them would ever satisfy my need for certainty because they weren’t certain either, no matter how skilled.

I knew that at some point I was going to have to suck it up and trust myself.

Rather than looking for absolute proof that the future was all perfect, something that is way too hard (impossible!) to accomplish, I started getting deep into the right now: what was happening now, how I felt now, what I wanted to do now…

It started working. I started feeling more “certain” without certainty. I started feeling I was in the right place at the right time. I started believing that everything was always working out.

The feedback that I was looking for— the signs that I was on my right track— always show up when I show up.

1. Ask for a sign!

I’ve talked about this before, but it’s usually as simple as a certain decision that you’ll see a sign today and you’ll be able to interpret that sign easily that can create ne or many signs from the universe beaming right back to you!

2. Follow how you feel. 

I always say this but it’s such a truism for me: “if it feels right it is right.”

That was not easy for me at first. Right now, as I am yawning because a nap is on the horizon, I realize that a handful of years ago my naps were not on the agenda. Coffee was. Tea was. Rest was not.

The more I ignored by body the worse it felt.

This goes for emotional, mental, spiritual thing as well as practical, everyday things: it it feels right it is right.

That feeling is some of my best “guidance” that I get every day.

3. Stay in the moment.

If I’m hitting refresh on my emails constantly, obsessing about an outcome or anything less than being here right now creating something or experiencing something that is truly awesome, that means I’ve “checked out.” If I am deeply tempted to “check out” that’s my sign that something in my life needs to change.

4. List out proof.

If you aren’t trusting in yourself and your process, make a list of all the things you’ve created, manifested, made and experienced. After a few are listed out I bet you’ll see that there’s a LOT of proof that you are a powerful creative force!

5. Can you imagine it happening?

If I can’t imagine it happening, I am not fully on the right track yet. Even if I can only imagine it out in the distance, I know it will happen. If I can’t imagine it… it’s time for a shift.

If you’ve found that you’re not quite on the right track… an idea to get there:

Do Nothing.

Meaning… no TV, no Netflix, no Internet, no action, no big processes, maybe sleep, maybe meditate, calmly, maybe walk in the quiet (no podcasts, music, talking)…

Cancel out the noise and recalibrate your energy.

This is incredibly powerful. It can take a few days or more if you’ve been really cluttered with data, noise and energy… but it’s worth it because energy is everything!

I bet in the process of “doing nothing” something will show up that points to your next best steps.



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xoxo!!! Dana


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