Exploring The Surprising Benefits Of Eating Raw Vegan With Fully Raw Kristina!

Aug 16, 2018 | Food-Shui

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, known to millions as Fully Raw Kristina, has been an inspiration to me over the years. Not only does she make eating more raw food (even if I don’t think I will ever reach fully raw) a totally artistic delight, everything she creates is so full of rainbows of love, it’s a joy to see. After finding her through a video on how her eyes changed color eating all raw food (seriously! how cool, right?) I was hooked, and it’s so much fun to share some of a chat we had recently as she expands her mission to get more people to experience more raw plants and all their high-frequency benefits.

I was most impressed by her belief that “food loves you back” — food is love, and there is so much self-loving greatness that she shares!

I had always wondered how Kristina managed to stay on the top of her innovative career and stay Fully Raw for so long (over 13 years!)…but, as it turns out, she’s just getting started as he benefits and rewards of her lifestyle choices keep revealing new levels to climb in terms of her own consciousness. I was quite moved by the realization that all these high vibrational lifestyle choices have long term benefits that keep on building.

“My goal went from me being passionate about myself to now being like whoa, we need to awaken people.” She explains. “Awaken being one of my keywords here, because this lifestyle really has the power to wake people up. It starts with food but it takes it to so many different levels from there- self-love being one of those levels.

Even though I got into this because I was a Type 2 Diabetic and hyperglycemic, I got into this for physical reasons and what ended up being one of the massive things I needed to work on was my emotional healing after that because I had been through so much trauma in my life. The Universe Gods had a master plan for me to do this because they knew on a deeper level I needed deeper emotional healing from it. I thought, that’s why I was drawn to do this. From there you do it longer and you realize the spiritual aspects of it. When you are eating food that comes from the ground and nature – you feel more at peace. You are more hydrated. Your body has more nutrition. You feel more connected to yourself and other people. There is something about it that makes you feel a little bit more conscious or aware of what’s going on in the planet. You’re doing good things for yourself and you begin to see things in a different way. It’s really miraculous.”

But, if you’re me and you read everything and now lots of nutritionists, you’ve likely heard by now that fruit is the enemy to some, and that is’s been placed by many on the level of any old sugar. That’s always felt weird to me. I love fruit. I can’t get enough of it.  I don’t feel anything of the fruit backlash or blood sugar craziness that people talk about. Kristina happens to have reversed her own Type 2 diabetes eating this way.

“If your body is a car, you wouldn’t put oil in your car to run it, because you know your car runs on fuel. So, maybe your car would go for a mile with some oil in it, but what it really needs is that premium gasoline and you that it is going to go really, really far and you know it’s going to do a good job for you. So, your body, you need to put the right fuel in it if you want feel your best, look your best – if you want your body to do its ‘best for you. It’s self-sustaining. It’s self-healing. It knows what to do, but you have to be putting the right things in it.

People tell me all the time, I can’t eat fruit it has too much sugar. I used to be a diabetic and I started off this lifestyle eating nothing but fruit and I don’t have diabetes anymore…tell me how that works? I do know type 1’s who have reverse diabetes with this lifestyle as well.”

Of course, friends, always consult your doctor!

But, this is eye-opening stuff. I started learning about “mono-meal eating” as a natural way that our ancestors ate and now, most days, I do it in the morning, having one kind of fruit until I am full. (You can watch a video on it here!) It’s both delicious and really luscious. And, if you’ve read Anthony William’s books (aka “Medical Medium”) he talks about properties in fruits that are well beyond what’s commonly shared as scientific wisdom, diving into the emotionally cleansing and strengthening powers of everything from red apples to watermelon, wild blueberries to bananas. (Kristina and I both love his books!) In essence, this is a tapping into whole realm of high vibes and power that may be beyond the health properties… and, it’s not a “diet”. It’s a lifestyle of making more conscious and high energy food choices. 

“I think the thing I’ve always promoted was that people try to eat one raw, vegan meal a day – no matter what your lifestyle is – to just eat one fully raw meal a day and a mono meal is a great way to go about doing it.  Mono mealing is one of the best things you can do for your body. Just the experience of it, eating one thing at a time is basically how we would be consuming things in nature.

For me, I just want to feel really connected to myself and human nature and eat what mother nature provides and for me understanding how the food is healing, the beneficial properties of it. If I can work on healing myself and I’m talking about being the best version of myself , I know that the rest will follow. I know that I will look good, because I’ll feel good. And, I know that I can exercise on top of that if I want to. I know that my digestion will improve. You can be on all these diets and still not be happy or healthy. There are so many people who put themselves on these diets to lose weight, but their not healthy or happy.

I believe in a freedom lifestyle – I don’t believe in restrictive diets. And I feel like that’s the feeling people hate more than anything – is the feeling of restriction.”

This is all about love.  Love.  And more love.  

“Your food loves you back. Eating raw changes your relationship with food. It’s all about nourishing and not about punishing. It takes away the complete punishment aspect 100 percent. So the more that you focus on nourishing your body, you realize that this is a form of self-love. In order to come to that place of looking good, feeling good, having that confidence – you have to love yourself and it does begin with what you put into your body. I really believe raw food doesn’t just cleanse you physically, I believe emotions are stored in our bodies and for people who have been through a lot of emotional trauma in their life, as you begin to cleanse your self physically, a lot of those emotions come up in cleanses and detoxes as you get deeper. I like to say that things get very raw – because if you are not prepared to deal with that emotional component – people go back to stuffing themselves – trying to numb themselves all over again.”

She has a new iPhone app full of recipes, very fun challenges (I love a good immersion to dive deep into something new!) and so much information to get glowing more and more.  Even just a single raw meal a day, or a single vegan meal, can be a game changer.  I am not vegan, but now that I eat vegan 75% of the time, the difference I feel is immense.  These smoothies, juices and salads and more have moved me closer to 80 or 90% vegan every time I start making tons of them!

As Kristina explains, the app was a long time in the making, with great attention to detail so the it could be a valuable resource.  “We’ve taken every recipe I’ve ever created and put it into one usable digital place for people to access, have with them wherever they go – juices, smoothies, salads, desserts, snacks, dips, everything – that are all in this one place. We didn’t want it to be just a recipe app, we wanted it to be a learning experience for people, so every YouTube video I’ve ever created is in this app as well.

People can sort by the types of topics they would like to be inspired by for the day. You can also do specific challenges for yourself.

If you want to eat one fully raw meal a day, I have challenges that already written out. Basically programmed in there for you to try. You can do a juice cleanse challenge, a smoothie challenge, as salad challenge – they are all in their for you and they are really awesome. It’s called the Fully Raw App. It’s all about raw foods and living your healthiest life and more and I think everyone should download it because it is amazing.

The juice challenge is for people who want to do something more intense. But, the one fully vegan raw meal a day – you can even try the one smoothie a day challenge – having a different smoothie everyday for 7 days. I think people can handle that.”

Her words of wisdom for everyone coming faced with challenges in life, challenges struggling with their wellness and relationship to their body is so resonant with everything she shares.

“For anyone who is struggling on their journey, I wish you peace, I wish you self-love and I wish you healing because it’s more than how you look, it’s about how you feel and the rest follows. Focus on feeling amazing. Focus on loving yourself. Focus on having good health. The rest will follow.”

You can also follow Kristina on You Tube HERE and Instagram HERE. Technicolor wellness gorgeousness is waiting…!

Thank you so much Kristina!!!





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