Three Powerful Feng Shui Ways To Open Doors To New Opportunities!

Nov 27, 2018 | Prosperity

Open doors to new opportunities by setting up the energy around you in ways that bring you joy!

I am so wildly excited for this season of deep transformation that’s ahead, it’s got my whole home buzzing. Drawers are getting revamped, closets cleaned, and so many other projects I’ve been talking about for the last month– new patio landscaping, new room makeovers, new lighting– are finally getting done!

I know that a shift has happened already because I’m wildly excited to cook more, paint more and take more naps— three of my personal signs that my energy is going to fruitful places and momentum is building.

You can open doors to new opportunities in the most simple of ways and watch as the abundance rolls in!

Since I started taking action to Feng Shui new energy into my home and life– 

  • I’m learning new skills and planning two huge new projects that are ready to launch soon!
  • This NEW blog came to be after 11 years of stalling to revamp it– it came together like magic!
  • The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui training has been soaring!
  • New friends came from this space-making.
  • A new level of self-love and wellness started to flourish…

These are all doors opening after a radical clear-out of my life started in 2020 which, by the way, already looked to be “clear” of clutter of all kinds before this clean-out began.

On every level, I let go of so much. From mattress recycling to closet clearing, from energetic cord cutting to deep home re-energizing, it was the ultimate purge.   It was so radical that I wasn’t sure what would be left in my life when I was done!!!

What was left was a whole lot of what I love— and the ability to see that clearly. 

On top of that, a whole universe of new paths and opportunities was born.

This is why home and life clearing is so awesomely amazing!

Let’s explore a few simple home shifts today that can have a powerful impact on your abundance, confidence and openness to opportunity and fresh starts. 

De-cluttering your home and life has a magic-feeling effect, opening more doors new opportunities and creative powers. 

In the Feng Shui School of Intention, we have witnessed massive transformations as lives and homes are cleared of everything that is out of harmony. 

I work with hundreds of ways that I approach clearing negative energy, space, stagnation and all the blocks we don’t want… and those methods keep on growing as I keep on growing.

It’s exciting to share a few of my recent favorites that are lighting up my own days!


Cedar is the herbal stick with an “illuminating aspect.”

It’s definitely top on my list of home clearing herbs this season, when god old sage just doesn’t feel “extra” enough. I live in a city. There’s energy everywhere even when that energy is on the streets… I pick up a lot of it.

Regular space clearing feels like magic.

Here is more on Cedar that I love…

A great tip for you: When I smudge, in order to preserve my smudge sticks for future uses, I run it under water to extinguish it completely and let it dry. It’s how I can burn cedar regularly and efficiently… and even more safely!

Front Door Glamour. 

A little front door glamour goes a long way.

Every season can host its own special door glamour. In the winter, wreaths of evergreens are always a winner. A splash of red is always dynamic. Lanterns can be year-round illumination (*I love that word!!!) and doormats can be rotated for a new message of greeting!

Have your door reflect a bit more of your own glamour and style. That door is the clearest symbol of confident welcome you can have, and achieving it is creative, fun and easy!

(Unlike the image above though, keep the main walkway into the door clear of all but gorgeous furry friends!!!)

Energetic Cord Cutting.

There’s a theory that we create “cords of attachment” to others. Some are healthy bonds. Some are draining cords that keep us stuck to emotional patterns, exhaustion, co-dependence and many other vampire-type alliances. Luckily, you can always cut the cords!

We do this cord cutting in many ways in the Feng Shui Camps, but the key principle here is that you are acknowledging that you are done with an unhealthy cycle and no longer want to maintain this unhealthy cord of attachment to another person.

It frees you. If frees them. It doesn’t kick them out of your life (unless that is your intention!) but it does create lots of space where things have felt stuck.

Three HUGE energetic cord cutting sessions this year, plus many smaller ones, have been a totally epic revolution in my energy and my daily life.

HERE is how to do this for yourself quite simply!

Enjoy all the space you make. Every step you take can bring you more energy and freedom, along with tons of abundance!





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