A Seasonal Self-Care Ritual Can Keep Your Life in Year-Round Prosperous Flow!

Dec 3, 2018 | Sensory Goodness

Celebrating the seasons changing can be like having four extra birthdays in a year.  There’s something incredible to look forward to in each season, even it’s not your favorite one… yet!

If you’re not a big Winter fan (historically speaking, I would rather sleep through the whole thing in a well heated house under 10 blankets!) or you feel you get lazy in the Summer… or any other season has a less-than-smashing outlook for you, a seasonal ritual can be super-exciting.

Something as easy as embracing more of the Danish Hygge— cozy, warm and connected energy– changed my view of Winter into a vision of plushness.   Filling up my kitchen with bowls of juicy fruit and veggies in the Summer made me less lazy in all the heat.

Seasonal rituals for self-care honor our connection to nature, and it’s our connection to nature that’s all-powerful.  As I’ve become even more passionate (is that possible?!) about sustainability, up-cycling, composting and even more DIY eco-beauty, I’m reminded that all of these more fundamental– and basic in a great way—  lifestyle choices are incredible for generating prosperous energy.

We could talk for hours about the scientifically-proven, life-changing power of getting connected to Nature and all of it’s benefits— from stress reduction to creative awakening, feelings of satisfaction to deeper sleep and so much more.

Instead of talking, let’s just get started!

Tapping into well of Nature’s greatness starts by honoring the seasons and flowing with the energy around you. When you start doing this, year-long excitement unfolds!


Every season, every day, every minute you become aware of it, gratitude is amazing for your energy.  That gratitude goes far to create more of that deep connection to ourselves, to life, to the Earth— all of it.

Start here and you will always find a next great step to take to take even more awesome care of yourself.

Go deeper and learn more about the self-care practices you’ve seen and hear about.  Use them. Experiment.  Connect more deeply to your practices so that they have more meaning and power. 

That was my big take-away from the magnificently-written and very illuminating book, The Spirit Almanac. It’s filled with rituals for each season in thoughtful and practical ways.  It’s also full of more history of astrology, essential oils and other tools that, when used with intention, can be illuminating.

I should say for all of you who read my work that I do not practice/endorse the feng shui in the book.  There are many approaches to feng shui, as many of you know, and this is not mine. It’s only two pages out of 238, but I had to tell you so that none of you came back to me saying… “Wait… what…?”

Also, I don’t personally do tarot and reiki, but it was illuminating to read about them.

That said, after reading this book, I have few new self-care practices I’m excited to try, along with a deeper reverence for many that I already love!

Honor the seasons with a ritual to stay organized and excited. 

Winter is planning season. Right now, I am on fire with the idea of creating my own calendar for the New Year using my astrological birth chart and the moons.  I am so old-school in some ways that I still use a giant paper day-planner that I save (no addition to landfills here!) every year.  My 2019 day planner is getting an enhancement with all the big moon and planet shifts I love.

This idea was sparked by the Winter chapter of The Spirit Almanac book and the ritual shared to envision the year ahead informed by your own personal astrology.

While I don’t “live by” astrology or use it to limit my life (just say NO to limitations and superstitions!), I love love love the moon feng shui and the exploration of big cosmic theme shifts, and a calendar in this way will paint such a cool landscape of the excitement in the skies!!!

In the Spring, I do a huge digital decluttering, historically-speaking.  It’s usually my time for tech upgrades, reorganization and clearing old ideas out of the inbox to make room for the new.

My Summer organization is all about Minimalism.  When it’s hot, and in Los Angeles it’s really hot, I need to see less and feel more of the coolness of clear space.  Counters get cleared. Everything gets swept free of stuff.

My Fall is such a lightening bolt season (and my birthday season) so I have gotten into re-vamping my closets every Fall.  Maybe it’s because I was that kid who loved to go back to school, or that I spent all my New York City birthdays at Fashion Week during my birthday that I have such an affinity for my closets in the Fall…?!  Regardless, it keeps me super-engaged and ready for the season to get my closets ready for action!

— How can you get more organized for and excited about the season ahead?!

Honor the seasons with an intention ritual. 

That’s what the Equinox and Solstice times are all about!

Winter Solstice I am all ready I to do a “Planting Ritual” that Emma and Lindsay suggest (so exciting, I’ve never done this in the winter!!!) to *literally* plant my intentions for the season and the year ahead into the ground!

Yes, yes, yes.

–What can you do to celebrate the coming of Winter? Or Summer, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere?

Honor the seasons by connecting with the food, festivities and energies that abound. 

While I’m writing this, I’ve got veggies simmering on the stove because I have to “cook” my salads (!!!)  all fall and Winter because everything has to be warm for me to enjoy it.  All the kale, zucchini, tomatoes and herbs that would be a salad is now in a giant sauteé pan.  Roasting, making soups, making fruit cobblers, piping hot apple and pear sauce… this is what the cold months mean to me.

But, of course, its also the Holiday season and that means… how to decorate? What parties to host? What plans to make?  How many friends can I see that are stopping in town?!

The warm and hot months have their own energy and ritual.  I’m outside 24-7,  I love the salt water.  I love gardens and adventures.

— What can you do to get into more of the seasonal sensory goodness right now?

At all times, you can’t fail to be in the prosperous flow if you stay in love with your life.

And all the rituals, seasons and celebrations, all the self-care and home upgrades– it all reinforces that magnetic love.

On that note, I’m off to meditate super-simply while my late Fall salad finishes cooking!




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