Why Lots Of Clutter Piles Up In Life… And How You Can Clear it!

Dec 4, 2018 | Creativity

I love the simplicity and awe-inspiring nature of Nature.  It’s untouched, easy, unshaped, adaptive and strikingly beautiful in its perfect order.

Nature doesn’t clutter itself very much.  Even within a crowded forest, tree tops can give each other enough space to flourish.

We, on the other hand, don’t often live lives that are as easy, adaptive and orderly.

We impose structures on our days, we challenge our instincts, we ignore the urge to sleep with another cup of tea, coffee, energy drink…

The farther we get from Nature, the farther we get from our true nature.

All this striving and doing and going and working and juggling is usually done in the name of “living our best lives,” you know? But, as you may well know already, being exhausted, burned out, stressed and rushed is hardly a “best life” or a picture of “success.”

I didn’t dream as a kid of being a stressed out, upset, toxic, frazzled, prolific but cluttered artist.

I dreamt of being free, living in a garden, making art and feeling delighted every day, having an impact with my work. 

Despite my dreams, my life 15 years ago looked like the first example— and it wasn’t sustainable. It took a great big sonic boom in my life to start connecting again to my true nature and get to my actual dreams coming true.

The result of disconnection from life is clutter.

The antidote to all this clutter is to deeply connect to life again.

Not only will it help you to feel better and think more clearly, it will also help you start clearing what doesn’t belong in your life! 


Negative ideas, physical blocks, piled up junk, unfinished projects, soured relationships and stress are all clutter.  Overstuffed days, overstuffed closets, storage units full of useless stuff— it’s all clutter.

Clutter is mental, physical, emotional energetic— it’s all clutter.

What I’m asked constantly is:

“Why does my clutter follow me everywhere I go?!  Why do I clear it and it comes back? Why is there always something building up as clutter?”

This is some of the magic in the decluttering Catalyst Camp every year— getting not just to the “why” but also to the “how to make it stop happening” which is the whole point.

There’s no one answer to “why” that will fit everyone, but the idea that will help you to pull this clutter out of life at it’s roots is very simple—


When you drop the extra steps and extra stuff out of life, it becomes easier to see what’s in front of you.  You’re less pressured and stressed.  You aren’t in a constant tedious race against a clock.

When you simplify your wardrobe, for example, you get a better sense of what you can wear for the day without a lot of searching.

When you simplify and make a shopping list, you’ll likely take home less groceries that are impulse buys and you’ll start having less food waste. 

When you simplify your days, for example, by walking in a quiet place and doing your most important tasks first,  you have less noise and distractions and you’ll spend the bulk of your most brilliant decision making power in a day on what matters most. 

I stopped going to exercise classes that sucked two and a half hours (travel, parking, the time afterward re-organizing) out of my days and simplified by taking walks and doing workouts at home.  Not only am I in better shape than ever that I can remember of recent years, I listen to an audiobook, a podcast or have great conversations every day while I do it,  I spend more time in Nature and I’m so much more creative and calm.

If you can simplify just one thing that stresses you, life becomes lighter and you have more spaciousness.

If you can simplify a few more things that feel complicated, you are even lighter and more spacious.

And, even if this doesn’t clear the clutter on it’s own, it gives you the lightness, perspective and momentum to confront that clutter, step-by-step, and start letting it all go…!

What can you simplify today?

I’m about to simplify my calendar for the month because it’s a huge month and I want to have time to celebrate!

I just finished simplifying my bathroom storage by adding a dresser and it was mind-blowing how much shifted by making this change.

Can you simplify a list of to-do’s by crossing things off that are not essential? 

Can you make it easier for yourself to find things in your purse or wallet? 

Even the smallest things— especially the smallest things— make an enormous impact.

Each simplification brings us closer to the beauty and ease Nature and to the genius of our true nature.

From there, cleaning a closet or finishing a project becomes a lot more intuitive and way more fun…!



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Clearing clutter- even the overwhelmingly tough stuff- can – and will-  be super-fun!!!


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