The 2019 Numerology Theme Is All About The Joy Of Living!

Dec 27, 2018 | Creativity, Feng Shui 101

2018 was a lot of things to a lot of people: personal growth, realigning priorities, letting things go, getting ready… and so much more.  Many of you have had an incredible 2018 and many may be firming up the incredible awareness gained from a year of change.

No matter what 2018 has been for you, it’s always a good idea to do a little reflection as we launch into a new cycle, taking stock of all the shifts and gains you may have missed, celebrating what’s not yet been celebrated and honing your focus to launch into a year of JOY!!!

Today, I am excited to share the Numerology of the Universal Year of 3 from my sister Nicole who is a brilliant Numerologist with its of intuitive insight on the energies ahead!

The Universal Year of the 3.

2018 was an 11/2 year.  It contains a combination of two elements – the 2 and the master number 11. In numerology, when numbers add to either 11 or 22, they are not reduced, as we don’t want to overlook these powerful numbers that represent heightened awareness and significant achievements. In the case of the 11/2, we take into consideration the energy of both the 2 and 11.

We are coming out of the 11/2 Universal Year which encompassed the energy of the 2 – patience, cooperation, and relationships, and the 11 – self-discovery, understanding yourself and who you are through the illumination and enlightenment energy of this master number.

As we become enlightened, we make breakthrough realizations that help us to better understand who we are, and as part of this process, we let go of things that no longer represent us.

This year was about balancing and freeing up energy from things that were weighing you down, and shedding ideas, beliefs and relationships that weren’t productive, relatable or an accurate representation of you. This contemplative time–  full of patience, waiting and diplomacy– was important preparation. This was a time to make space for the authenticity of you to shine.

3 Universal Year.

2019 is the 3 Universal Year. It is known as the Joy of Living. Depending upon the individual, experiencing joy can involve many different elements, yet at its core, there are a few important energies of significance that can lead the way.
Expression: Develop and hone in on your individuality by expressing it freely.

Self-expression will be very important in the new year, as it will allow you to communicate the truth you discovered in the previous year. This is a time to be true to yourself and honor the uniqueness of you. Take note of your inner dialogue and any looming, residual limiting beliefs you held in the past, and change them to be more constructive and positive.

The 3 carries light and joyous energy. Be kind to yourself and remain true to your personal desires.

The 3 Universal Year is a perfect time for self-promotion, blogging, writing a book and starting a business venture.

Get creative! Whether you enjoy writing, painting, drawing, knitting, sewing or cooking – anything you create will represent you and carry on the expression of your fresh self. Creativity can extend to having inventive ideas or figuring out creative solutions to handle difficult situations.

You can get innovative and create new ways to generate money or figure out creative ways to save money. If you are eco-conscious, you can create a more environmentally friendly home and way of living.

The essence of this energy is sharing your creativity with the world.

It is Fun and Social.  The energy behind the 3 is positive fun; fun that is constructive and conducive to personal growth and development. You can do something you have never done before and break out of your comfort zone. This challenge will not only allow you to actualize your capabilities and potentials, but it will give you a chance to add another amazing growth experience to your life.

The social energy of the 3 opens doors for connection, expression, growth and opportunities.

Say “Yes!” to invites to social gatherings, for it is here that you can make new connections with people and share and express yourself.

Although this is a year of endless opportunities, this is not a year to sit inside and wait for opportunities to come to you.

Happy New Year and have fun finding your own personal joy!

Thank you for sharing all the themes of greatness ahead Nicole!!!  

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