3 Things About Setting Intentions That Have Changed My Manifesting Ways For The Best!

Jan 8, 2019 | Creativity

Setting intentions can change the way you manifest things every day.

We’re all in the spirit of growth, transformation, change-making, achievement and creating.

Whether it’s a New Year, your birthday, a New Moon, a new season, or any day when you’ve decided you want new things and you’re going to make them happen, that decision sets the wheels in motion.

I love the feeling of growth, I thrive with all the change-making and energizing and the adventure of it all.

After quite a handful of year woking with people on brining their own intentions to life, and a lifetime of my own wish-making and creating, I still don’t have all the answers to manifesting everything for everyone— but I do know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that everything is possible and we all have the ability to make anything we want to experience become a reality.

Three big things have shifted for me that have changed the ways I look at goals, the way I set intentions and the ways I approach getting things done that have made “manifesting” much, much easier in the last few years, and I’m always excited to share these things when they become clear enough for me to share!

I like who I am now, and it’s an awesome thing I never thought I’d experience. 

Since I started really liking who I am (really unconditionally) I am an exponentially more powerful creator. This shocked me when I realized that I wasn’t wishing I could be like other people: less unconventional in my thinking, more agreeable to standards, more glamorous in a traditional way. 

When I stopped wishing for all that made me “ME” to change, the world opened up.

I no longer want to change myself *intrinsically* to be someone else that’s worthy of great things. The last shreds of my feelings of being broken and in need of fixing on a level that maybe only some high-level mystical intervention could attain are gone.

I didn’t do anything too sophisticated to attain this! What’s funny is that every high-level, sophisticated vision quest I have gone on in my life was to attain the opposite effect and become someone else!

I just started realizing for myself, worn down be year after year of not liking myself, that all the things I wished I could change were what made me great.

Chances are, if you’ve made a habit of not liking yourself as I had, you’re rejecting a whole lot of your greatness. It’s time to take all that greatness back… all of it!!!

The way I feel about things has become the goal.

It’s so much easier to live with intentions that feel amazing. It’s more enjoyable. And, when something isn’t enjoyable, I find something to like about the process so that I am not battling against my own emotions all day long.

Right now, I’m supposed to be writing an article that I really don’t want to write for a magazine I do want to write for. My job isn’t to force myself to write this article, as it used to be, while I tensed up my whole body in the process. My job is to find a new approach to this article. It has to be personal and meaningful.

I feel like what we do gets imprinted with our energies. For example, if I write while feeling forced and upset, I feel like I’d be passing on that energy to all of you.

Feeling is powerful and contagious.

Everything is energy.

Focus on feeling better every day and, I know it’s a sort of cliche, but those feelings will start “attracting” all kinds of great things!

There’s always a next level for everything.

I used to set goals and paint myself into a corner in the process.

All or nothing.

The ultimate or nothing. 

The best and nothing less. 

In effect, I set myself up for nothing at all.

Aiming super high is exciting and vital. I’m sure you’re not too happy to start a mediocre version of anything. But, everything starts somewhere.

In my intention and insistence that everything be “everything” I missed a lot of opportunities I could have built into great things. I skipped over steps thinking that I would get to the top faster.

The only thing I didn’t force, rush or put pressure on is the Feng Shui universe I was slowly building online and in person and in practice, including this blog that survived the test of time (11 years this year!) and continues to grow by leaps and bounds because it’s the only thing I didn’t try to “hack”, “super-speed” or “engineer.”

Trying really hard pushed things away and made me miserable.

If you’ve got some things you’re trying hard to manifest faster, you might want to see if there are ways to create them without trying so hard. Organically, with your deep interest, in love with what you’re doing. 

The results may just have a better chance of being the all, the best and the ultimate if you sink into the process with that level connection and passion!

And those are the three things I can articulate.

Those, along with a bonus #4: I do things when I want to do them (like publishing blog posts at 5:30pm, eating breakfast for dinner or dressing up for no special reason!) that go against standards, if I really want to do them!

Here’s to making your dreams come true and feeling incredible in the process!!!



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xoxo Dana

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