Planting Seeds In Your Fields Of Fortune!

Jan 9, 2019 | Creativity

On January 1st I had no goals, visions, great resolutions or anything else on paper.  A big feng shui Camp was about to begin, I was back after a four month break of teaching the School of Intention Feng Shui Certification program to working with clients and it was a non-stop awesome whirl.

I hadn’t thought much about the future in any way as I had in the past.

And then I heard this parable late in the morning of January 1st and it started a whole new wave of interest in the year ahead:

I decided it will be a very good year, and that I would plants seeds in fields of fortune.

Let’s dive right into the story, as it’s a good one!

A long time mentor/member of my Buddhist Temple, Jeff Silver, told this story to the New Year crowd in attendance.  It struck me as far more than a religious parable– but, rather, instructions for a life filled with fortune in all ways.

I’m paraphrasing, but here we go:

“A poor painter left his wife and child at home for 12 years so he could go off and paint for the royal court. He struggled, he did his job well and got paid a a small amount- 6 ounces of gold- for his 12 years of service.

As he set off on a long journey home, he came upon a field full of Buddhist priests.  He was overcome by the energy and immediately asked how he could contribute to the priests and their endeavors.  He wanted to give them a banquet so they could eat and celebrate for several days.  He asked how much that would cost, and learned it would cost 6 ounces of gold.

Luckily, he had the money and graciously donated it, then set out on his way to home.

When he arrived home, his wife was thrilled.  She asked him how much money he had made.  He explained he had no money.  He gave the small bit he was paid to the priests and before he could explain, his wife (rightfully!) flipped out and dragged him to the civil court.

She marched up to the wealthy judge and explained that her husband had lost his mind and gave all their money to strangers!

The judge then asked the may why he would do such a thing, giving his money to strangers rather than his family?

He calmly explained that he has struggled his whole life and had never encountered in his life the opportunity to invest in as big of a field of peace and fortune as the priests, and he felt he simply had to invest in that field of fortune for the wellbeing of himself and his family. He knew he could make other money, but this was too big an opportunity to pass up.

The judge pulled off a pearl necklace and handed it to the man.  He then took him outside, showed him his new horse and gave him a bag full on money.  He explained that these were just some of the benefits that he’d receive from investing in a field of fortune, and in lifetimes to come, they would multiply. “

What are your fields of fortune? 

Where can you invest your time, your heart and your energies, places that feel incredibly elevating and incredibly “right” — even if they make no sense to anyone?!

It’s an incredible strategy for all kinds of investments.  It’s an incredible foundation to plan anything.

Where can you plant seeds in fields of fortune?

Investing time in causes you believe in…

Becoming a mentor or starting a volunteer activity that lights you up…

Taking the time to take care of your mind-body-soul every day in small practices like walks and meditation…

Learning or mastering a skill that lists you up…

Anything… anything… anything…!

A friend started a dog rescue born out of passion two years ago and her for-profit business which was totally separate multiplied exponentially.  Another friend gave up a full PhD scholarship to follow a passion and rapidly got the most prestigious jobs in his chosen field.

You don’t always get universal kick-back instantly in the form of windfalls of money when you’re planting seeds in fields of fortune, but you do always have a connection to a greater power source. So much more that’s aligned with your life, things you’ve needed and wanted, tend to arrive with greater ease.

Most importantly, you are living from a place of purpose. And, that is unbelievably magnetic!

Fields of fortune are everywhere waiting for you!  Plant those seeds!



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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!




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