A Few Big Things I’ve Learned About Making Changes And Letting Things Go That Have Helped Me To Grow

Jan 16, 2019 | Creativity

I just finished a body alignment class that kicked my butt in all it’s expansiveness on a foam roller and, now, my body wants to sleep. At the same time, I’m more full of energy than I’ve been in a long time.

I feel spacious and I also feel more sore (already!) than I can remember.

I’m covered in the greatest ever CBD cream that I crave sometimes and I have a Chaga latte that I crave every day simmering on the stove so I’m all ready for both a big nap and for making big things!

When I’m changing anything, I’m ready for the life shake up and need for sleep as much as I’m ready for the inspiration and energy bursts.

I’ve been doing deep dives of change-making for as long as I can remember. If I’m not doing something to stretch myself I don’t feel alive. If I’m doing the same-same I feel bored and dull.

That said, change-making is also sometimes… so very new that it’s shocking. It’s often, for me, very definitive. It’s sometimes emotional. It’s always intriguing. And, it can be extremely easy to make big changes, even when things have been stuck in same-sameness for a long time.

While all change-making doesn’t seem to be as instant or easy as, say lighting up a magic candle… it can be that instant and easy!!!

If the change-making I’m doing is exceedingly hard, something is off for me.

I’d get myself caught up in something challenging and full of complications and, instead of stepping back to see what was amiss, I’d drive myself harder forward, ignoring the clear signals that things were not-at-all aligned. Now, instead of plowing forward, I stop and hang back. I do the task the next day, or I take a break, or I ask for an extension of a deadline or I do anything else that isn’t forced. Sometimes I do nothing at all.

This has worked wonders for my whole life, including my body, mind and spirit.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned that’s helped me to get through huge challenges, it is this one.

If it’s way too hard for me, it’s not aligned with me.

I can’t get too emotionally attached to one outcome, or I’m not really changing anything in myself, I’m just controlling everything.  

I’ve hoped that “my way” or “my specific wish” would work so badly that I suffered through projected steeped in worry, rather than spending time creating and exploring all kinds of options. I’ve put a whole lot of emphasis on being exacting and having certain actions bring me specific results and I never enjoyed the journey, even when I got what I wanted.

Basically, I invested a whole lot of brainpower and time and energy and money into controlling things and that never led me anywhere good at all.

I realize now that I need as much support in change-making as I give to others.

We all need some support. I used to think I was in this alone, that no one understood me and I’d have to brave it all by myself.

I also wasn’t very kind to myself, demanding that change happen much faster and exactly as I wanted it.

I realized I can support myself a whole lot more, and surround myself with people and energies that are a natural support system, and that this was far better than thinking I had to do everything by myself.

For me… I know that things like energy medicine, CBD, homeopathy, aromatherapy, and potions like turmeric, chaga and reishi tea are really supportive when I’m making changes emotionally and physically. Love, spiritual practice, naps and kind words are more ways I can support myself. Taking the pressure off of my life was the greatest support I found I could give myself!

There’s no perfect state, and I’m not broken… nor are you! 

If you’re hoping you can Marie-Kondo away all your clothes and material possessions and let everything go and then at some point there’s a state where things magically unlock and you’re transformed, I can tell you that I haven’t seen it yet.

I have seen incredible energy open up from getting rid of things that were draining and unwanted, I’ve seen money love and wellness bloom when spaces were re-shaped with love and care and I’ve seen the unfolding of miraculously epic dreams come true.

It all starts with realizing you’re whole and awesome right now, rather than believing you’ll be whole when you reach a mystical state that exists somewhere beyond chaos, clutter and problems.

When I’ve started anything from a place of, “I need to fix myself because I’m broken,” I have brought more broken ideas, half-hearted attempts and conflicting energies into my life.

Start with the fact that you’re already awesome and complete. The rest with flow far more easily from there!

I’m always enthralled by the process of change-making, however it happens.  

Sometimes is totally random, some things are intended, others are a gift that just arrive… but, always, it’s so incredible to re-align, unfold, polish and make manifest the brightest things we can imagine, you know?!

If I’m not in that slightly shaken-up, tuned in, thrilling place of change-making, I know it’s time to dream bigger or dare in more thrilling ways.

Today, the change-making it was a foam rolling adventure, and I’m liking all the feels it’s brining into my days, along with an awareness of my posture and the resounding sense that my physical voice is stronger.

All the surprises, all the wonder…it all happens when you’re in that natural flow!

You are already amazing, and if you’re ready for some change-making of your own, do what feels great in ways that feel great.

That is natural alignment. It’s your manifesting magic in action.



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