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Feb 12, 2019 | Creativity

While I still have negative/stressed/chaotic energy make its way from time to time into my home, mind and life, it’s very minimal now and it’s uninvited. And, because it’s unwelcome, it’s easier to spot it and send it away.

I used to let that stuff in all the time. Drama, chaos, solving people’s problems, hanging on to old habits of letting my life be so open that I had no boundaries to keep my energy strong.

All that negativity wasn’t random, and wasn’t showing up because I was unlucky or had bad astrological timing or had my Feng Shui “wrong.” In fact, I don’t believe in these ideas or even in using those kinds of words!

All that negativity came to me because I was used to it. I was comforted by the normalcy of it. I was habituated to it. In a sense, without feeling dragged down I didn’t feel right.

It didn’t feel right to feel incredibly good. I would find a way, a subtle way, to open the doors and let that negative stuff into my days. Whether I picked up the phone to make an upsetting phone call, surfed the Internet until I found a way to get upset, watched TV or went out to places where people that were unkind… I would inevitably find a way to feel less amazing.

Expanding your power and manifesting abilities and all the love in your life isn’t about finding ways to constantly clear negativity.

Knowing how to clear negativity is amazing and empowering and there’s always a powerful reason to use those tools.

What’s even more powerful, though, is to not let that negativity into your life in the first place!

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Are you used to feeling really good?

This is the starting block when you’re looking to get strong with your discernment and start choosing love and light over everything else. If you do nothing else but make feeling good your new normal, you’ll revolutionize your life.

If you’re not used to feeling really good right now, I understand. Like I said, I was deeply accustomed to feeling challenged, pressured, stressed, chaotic, stepped on and undervalued.

You may need to enlist some help in getting there is you’re feeling really bad. Because my body, mind and mood were all so depleted, I spend years in all forms of therapy, spiritual practice, acupuncture, wellness modalities and energy clearing of all kinds to get to a place where happy was a real thing to me. If it took someone one hour to feel better it would take me five hours. My will was strong, but my habits were deeply grooved into my life.

Putting in the time when I needed to was the very best investment I ever made. That said, I doubt you’ll need to do all that I did, and looking back, I doubt I needed to do all that I did! But, at the time, I was so ready for a better life I would do anything within reason (and a few healers I saw were actually frightening and beyond reason!) that might make a difference.

What I didn’t realize until long after that time had passed is that if I was willing to allow myself to feel better “even before” I got all that help, even the tiniest bit better, it would have been easier. If I was willing to believe I was still a whole and valuable person even though I was in a troubled state at the moment, it would have been easier.

Now, I always remember those two things : I can choose to be happier *and* I am already whole and worthy.

Decide what to willingly invite into your life.

Getting used to feeling really good most of the time sets the bar in your life. It creates a “new normal.”

When things show up– whether it’s on a computer screen, on the phone, in the middle of a day or on your doorstep– that don’t feel good, you’ll notice it instantly. And, you’ll choose to avoid it all more readily!!!

Every time my energy gets higher and my sense of what’s normal is elevated, I find myself growing more decisive.

If it feels right, it is right.

If it feels wrong, it is wrong.

I’ve come to trust that much more now, not just for my home energy and in Feng Shui practice, but in my whole life.

You can burn sage 24 hours a day, but if you’re still opening the door for someone who takes advantage of you or violates your boundaries or your trust, those bad vibes will hover in your home. You can do all kinds of energy clearing rituals and still decide to watch tons of bad news and talk about it all day and you’ll feel the dark clouds coming into your day.

This was my whole life: doing rituals and practice to start to feel better, sliding back into allowing negative energies into my life, doing all kinds of clearing of those energies… and then feeling better, and sliding back again into letting the old stuff back in…

It was like all my “good vibe rituals” were allowing me to stay afloat while the negativity and negative attachments dragged me down… and it was 100% self-created.

Deciding on a new paradigm of only allowing positivity in my life started the ball rolling.

I do all the sage burning I want when it feels good now, not because I’m drowning in energies that I let into my life.

While you’re on the Internet… decide what you want to invite into your mind.

While you’re working… decide on the energy you want to engage with and the energy you want to share.

While you’ve got free time… decide on who you want to share it with, if anyone at all.

We have a lot more control over these things than we sometimes realize.

We can shift the energy around us dramatically just by deciding what we want to invite into our homes and lives.

Try a little more of it.

And if you let a little needless negativity in, see if you can be OK with it and let it go, shake it off a realize how it happened.

Now, you know where it’s coming from and you can make a different choice.

As basic as this sounds, these decisions to have greater discernment can be the key to keeping life always getting better. The energy will be going up and up and up. Feel amazing. Decide on the highest vibes. And, enjoy it all!

xoxo!!! Dana

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