5 Ways I Have Been Turning My Life Into A Work Of Art & Creating Joy In The Process!

Feb 22, 2019 | Creativity, Life With Art

I was absolutely astonished by the grandeur and stunning rainbows of Murakami’s show in Beverly Hills. I expected nothing but a great big line outside as usual, but what I experienced was completely out of the ordinary! It was pure joy. And, it was the perfect reflection of everything I’ve been focused on in my life, all in crazy amazing art form.

I’ve talked a lot about creating life as a work of art for the last ten years. The last year, though, has been a revelation on that front.

After years of rapid career expansion and all kinds of experiences that were gifts that felt exciting at the time, I realized I left a lot of myself out of the equation and started to feel like I had maxed out my creative bandwidth. I didn’t want to do anything, and it hit me quite suddenly. I’d forgotten in making my work a work of art to make my life a work of art.

Joy became my new goal, and I really had no idea where that would lead but it seemed more worthwhile than any pursuit.

I moved from being busy and feeling the pressure of the hustle to being more deeply connected to my days, feeling the inspiration of the moment. I was soon busier than ever but I didn’t feel busy.

My priorities shifted from accomplishing as much as possible to being as happy and fulfilled as possible. What a difference that made in the way I approached self-care, spiritual practices and my wellness in all ways.

I started looking at art as a big part of my personal purpose and started studying new things that interested me for the pure curiosity of it.

And, from there, so much unfolded that keeps life expanding on all levels without force, fear or struggle.

I let go of a lot of my own energetic blocks to get to this place of life as art again in a new way, and clearing those blocks is the feng shui of the day!

This was…not a picture I’d post even a year ago. In fact, it’s not a picture I would have taken because it required me to walk out into a circle of hundreds of people at an Oscar party standing around this glorious gold-covered statue and be “vain.” All eyes would me on me. The lighting was purposely trained onto the art so all people fell in shadows, like the shadows cast on my face. I was slouchy in the middle of laughing so that wouldn’t be something I’d show anyone. Plus, my dress looked bunch and… I could go on forever with the critiques that used to prevent me from actually living my life.

Have you had those moments? Have you chose to hide, to delete your happy photos, to not step out into a bigger arena in some way because you felt it was too vain or too confronting to have all eyes on you?

Welcome to my old life.

To live fully, I had to start…

Trading hiding for experiencing.

This doesn’t happen overnight. It happens by walking up to people and introducing yourself. It happens by saying hello. It happens by taking that awesome picture that feels so much like a spotlight is being cast on you, or stepping out and speaking up when everyone will be listening to only your words.

It’s being OK with being seen… and being OK with having that be a spontaneous, non-choreographed experience!

Bringing aesthetics into the mix.

Surround yourself with beautiful things and you’ll feel that beauty reflected all over the place. I have mountains of dresses that I’ve both bought and borrowed to wear non-stop through the season. I needed a boost of color, beauty, fashion, delight. I needed that aesthetic experience. I wanted so much to embrace that experience.

A beautiful coffee mug can make the morning more precious. A beautiful view can lift your perspective.

From makeup to colorful journals and screensavers, the opportunities to bring aesthetics into the mix of your life are endless.

Turning the phone onto Airplane Mode.

If you love to take photos, keep your phone in Airplane mode while you’re out, while you’re exploring, while you’re socializing.

I had to create some policies ( see the previous post!) around the Internet to get more of my energy back in my life every day.

Instead, look people in the eye. Stand straighter. Hold your head up and feel the energy flow freely.

I checked and I spend an average of an hour on Instagram. I am dropping that to 15 minutes to post fun things and reading an hour of a book a day instead.

These are my best “life as art” choices!

Yessss. How brilliant is this sculpture?!

Making a game out of life. Even ( and especially) the challenges is a big deal. 

When everything is serious it immediately becomes hard and stressful.

We solve problems more fluidly from a high place of inspiration instead of a lower place energetically of lots of worry.

Bye bye people pleasing. Creating fully without a mind to the critics.

I was going to post some “hater mail” I got the other day, but I really didn’t want to give this person more energy or satisfaction.

Now, I barely read the comment section.

I always read constructive criticism, questions and all of it.

But haters, they are a special breed.

I used to be afraid to be too vulnerable and open hearted in my communication because the criticism would cut too deep, you know?

This was me letting this neagtive garbage dim my light.

Life as art means you get to shine. It means that you can always do a second draft. It means there’s always room to expand, but you’re always giving 100% to everything in the moment!

Life as art more and more puts you in the driver’s seat of your life. It’s infinite possibility, and it’s waiting for you!!!



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  1. Esther

    Ahwww you’re awesome, beautiful and full of fun!!
    Your JOY is contagious, thanks sooo much for sharing it with us all!!
    Never mind the haters, they are unhappy with themselves and want to make everyone miserable too-hope they will ‘catch’ your Joy one day too!!!
    Just focus on us who loves you!!!

    Lots of love


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