5 Habits That Have Been Keeping My Energy Super-Strong (Even When It’s Incredibly Busy)!

Mar 9, 2019 | Creativity

My energy is everything to me. I’m willing to bet yours is, too, for you.

In that strong energy place (not to be confused with 24/7 “bouncing off the walls exuberance” which is thrilling, but not sustainable!), we tend to believe what we want is already ours. We are creators. We are effective. We are our own magic wands

I nearly quit doing this work several times because, as much as I love it in every cell of my being, I would get incredibly burned out in an energy deficit.

I didn’t realize that is was equally possible to get burned out by exuberance as it was to be burned out by negativity.

Also, having prized my mind so much and all the learning I had done over the last 14 years, I didn’t realize just how much my energy was my magic resource. In marathons of love-filled creative joy I would start running out of effectiveness and even my best ideas (from my mind) fell flat. I knew it my energy was important, but, now I know it’s the most important thing for me.

In fact, when I looked back at all my clients who have made all kinds of huge breakthroughs, it was all started by a shift to stronger energy.

When your energy is strong, the rest becomes easier. And, luckily, energy is everywhere. It’s infinitely renewable, so if you feel you’ve lost some, you can gather more back. And, all that vibrant energy is ours to create with.

I’ve made many shifts in the last five years that have done wonders for my energy, and some of my favorite habits are here for you today!

Keeping energy strong and vibrant started for me by taking a hard look at where my energy was going. It’s been very humbling to see the hours I have lost in self-criticism, complaining, worry and “trying to figure out” things that didn’t matter very much. I also spent an enormous time in marathons of creative work (sounds great, right?) without breaks (not as great) that led me to a different kind of energy deficit.

I had no idea I could be equally calm and creative. I didn’t trust in the idea of unplugging for a long time. I thought more was more, so I did much more and made that the standard, even though it would drain me significantly.

All the rigor was not great for my magic. And, if you’ve been feeling that feeling of tired and wired, burned out and then re-energized in extremes or just plain ineffective… you may want to make your strong energy a new priority.

It feels great, and… it is great for manifesting more of what you want on every level.

My habit shifts took some time to become habits, but each one, gradually implemented, made such a vibrant difference.

Catching the complaining. You may say, “I don’t complain!” like I did. And, I didn’t complain about my work, my family, love or my life in any obvious way. After all, I’m grateful and I’m sure you are, too.

Soon, though, I saw how much I was complaining about the News, criticizing, talking about all these things I didn’t like or want, and caught myself complaining about things in conversations that were eye-opening.

All of these things seem justified, correct and vital. We need to have opinions, right?!

But, this stuff was having an impact. It’s one thing to have an opinion and another thing to talk about what isn’t wanted, share it, spread it around. It’s a contagious kind of energy drain.

Also, I started to see my own criticisms of others as blocks to LOVE in my own life. All the critique was holding other people back. It was holding me back. It was creating more of the unwanted. I started finding things to love and admire about those I was most critical of, and, in that, live changed a whole lot.

Take time off BEFORE you need it. I wish I had learned this 8 years ago, but now is as good a time as any!

My Morning Routine is simple… but, it’s something truly invigorating. 

You don’t need to do fifty things in the morning. That was a big lesson for me. One awesome action that starts the day with more energy, focus and spaciousness can be everything. For me, it’s my spiritual practice. It’s everything to me.

Trust Inner Guidance.

This is a big deal. I need to be able to hear my inner guidance and feel how I’m feeling, and if I’m in a place where I’m too busy, I can’t do that with ease and grace. I have become averse to stuffing my days full of stuff. Instead… I make sure I’m listening to myself first and following how I’m feeling. Rest has been enormous for me.

I check in with myself. We call friends and see how they’re doing. Do the same for you.

Lately I have needed more… staying home, staying off the Internet (big for me!) and resting. I have also needed more spiritual practice, more walks in the sun and more baths and breaks.

It’s really busy and that may seem like a crazy thing to do to be more leisurely, but without it, I don’t have the force of love to make great things happen.

How are you feeling? How is your energy? How connected are you to the moment?

It’s all the stuff that I used to resist, when I believed that more was more and that it could come at the expense of how I felt— and I am so glad I finally realized how unsustainable and how inferior that approach actually was!

Follow your energy. Feeling great will lead you to great things! xoxo!!! Dana

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