The Practical Magic Of Tuning In To The Self-Care You Need Right Now!

Apr 6, 2019 | Sensory Goodness

When you think about making dreams come true, it may summon a mix of emotions. Excitement. Activity. Making. Creating. Standing on stages or sitting in meetings or hopping on planes. Falling in love, hiking or surfing, writing your best-seller sipping coffee in Italy.

Whatever all the biggest dreams look like, they tend to be very active, you know? Doing. Going. Moving. Taking action.

Then there’s the flip side of the coin, that’s equally important and maybe more important when creating a life every day that surpasses your wildest dreams: rest, meditation, contemplation, visualization, laying on the sand, resting up against a tree, taking a nap or a bath, snuggling with your pets.

This type of self-care that asks you to turn the dial down on the day and tune in, the type of energy that is quiet and calm, is the energy of receiving.

If you’re always running, you might just rush past the fulfillment every day.

In all the dream-making and manifesting of the season of love we’re in as The Love Camp just opened for the year (!), the Feng Shui of the day is all about self-care that’s tuned into this receptive magic.

It’s just as important as inspired action. It’s a huge part of creating anything amazing.

It’s the Yin to all the Yang busy-ness of life, and it’s the way to deeply revitalize and live a life that exceeds all your wildest dreams!


My very blessed life kicked into a higher gear about 8 months ago and the moments of “doing less” that I really enjoyed started to slide away. At first, I barely noticed because it’s all very awesome to see dreams coming to life, you know?

Then, I noticed it profoundly, all at once.

I started feeling sort of exhausted by action, even though these are all the actions I’ve dreamed about.

I took a look back, so to speak, through notes, journals and lists and thought about how my dream life that I’m now living looked and felt like as I’d envisioned it years ago.

I poured through journals and saw all the wishes I’d made, all my hopes for my clients, all my desires for my family, all the things I wanted to create…

And yet, I found nothing in all these wish-lists and dream journals (my favorite manifestation journal is HERE!) that had anything to do with how I would feel when all of this unfolded.

Don’t get me wrong— I’m pretty outrageously happy, supremely grateful and very much in love with my life.

But, I realized I haven’t made enough space yet for more rest than I imagined I’d need, I really crave more time to do mediative things, more spiritual practice—

I missed the Yin part of all my dreaming– and that’s the part that’s essential to stay inspired, energized and rested!

I missed the part where I imagine how epically recharged and rejuvenated I feel every day!

As I started to dream forward, I started to tune into the self-care my body really needed.

Tuning in: imagine yourself doing something and how that action makes you feel right now.

Turns out, I didn’t need hour-long hikes or power-walks right now that I was doing before. I needed a quiet walk and some stretching. My friend tuned into her needs and found she didn’t need days off from working out, but, rather, she needed more workouts she loved.

I needed to write more. That felt amazing to think about. I got myself a recycled sketchpad journal that’s beside me as I type this, and it’s almost filled, both sides of each page, in the past few months.

I realized that I missed doing daily space clearing at home with sage. I missed taking naps. I missed relaxing cooking.

I didn’t feel great thinking about extra data coming into my mind at the moment, things like reading/ listening to extra books. I decided I’d pick these up later.

All this tuning in was a different experience from what I’d done in the past. If I felt “off” in the past, I’d throw every tool and every life-changing bit of Feng Shui at it and sort of persist until I broke through the haze. It took a lot of energy, and it became way too rigorous and unsustainable.

This time, I listened in, I realized what I was craving and I took the action.

The experience was profound. It was a next level of self-love. It was so much more aligned with all that I value– from naps with dogs to powdered seaweed baths with no music or books, drops of aromatherapy on my wrists, afternoons doing spiritual practice. And, it all came from a real feeling of deep yearning for each of these experiences.

Self-care became richly meaningful self-care.

If you’re looking to feel better or to optimize your days in the most revitalizing way, you may want to tune into what self-care is best for you for the moment.

See how you feel when you think about things one-by-one that may not be as exciting as they once were– your workouts, your sleep schedule, your self-care practices. One-by-one, imagine doing each and how it feels to you right now.

If you realize that some things you’ve been doing may not be for right now, see if anything springs to mind that you’ve always wanted to try or you once did in the past.

Even one single self-care practice thats in sync with you can be a miraculous game-changer, so don’t feel compelled to need too many.

Enjoy it all, and enjoy what unfolds!

Feeling great is everything amazing. You may find with all that softer and more receptive energy, you’re suddenly receiving so much more, way beyond what you might have imagined!!!



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