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Apr 9, 2019 | Prosperity

This kind of “blown away” energy comes from one thing in my experience– a really exciting roll of super-creative, positive, excited energy.

You don’t need a reason to start feeling that awesome excitement. I know plenty of people ( myself included!) that started with no clue what they were doing or aiming for or hoping to see/experience/have… but they were excited about awesome things on the way, and that excitement was magic in itself!

When you’re focused in on all this joy, everything you do gets a dose of glitter, you know? It’s like a big ball of joy, a springy step, a lot of fun, a sense of anything awesome that can happen…

That powerful focus is something you can harness!

Feelings matter. A whole lot. It took me most of my life to understand this because the people I saw who were successful seemed cold, mean and isolated, while the people who were kind and caring could barely survive. That is not a great paradigm to create a joyful life from.

All the kind, loving and beautiful people I grew up with were not poor because they were kind, they were poor for many other reasons, including this very same belief that you can’t be successful and happy. I even believed, quite deeply, that being mean and bitchy was the key to a successful marriage.

I’m so glad this paradigm is shifting. you may not be happy every minute of the day, but being generally really happy has been proven to create more success!

You don’t need any reason that’s special to be happy. Every moment is equally special. Choose it if you don’t feel it yet… and find more things that can keep you in that joyful space.

Eliminate the extras. It’s hard to focus when there’s just so much to do! Extra stuff can go. Extra commitments. Extra things you’re doing that aren’t vital. Extra steps. Whatever isn’t essential can go, even the papers on your desk. I have a few to clear today after I type this to pare down my space and harness more focused power right now!

Prepare. Energetically. Yes, sure, doing your homework and administrative/research preparation is essential, but what really sets me in a place of focused power is ENERGETIC preparation.

Yep, back to how you feel!

If you show up carrying the baggage of a day to a meeting, if you go out and socialize with a million things on your mind, if you are working while you wish you were sleeping— the energy just isn’t there.

The energy is where things “click.” It’s the synergy in all that you do.

Energetic preparation can be a nap, spiritual practice, meditation, energy exercises (we do so many in the Feng Shui Camps, but an easy one is taking a bath or a shower!), a really nourishing smoothie or a walk outside… or… anything else that makes you feel aligned!

Recognize when you’re doing too much.

I had to walk away from something this morning when, after four tries and 20 minutes spent, it just wasn’t happening.

I used to get frustrated, dig in and spend an hour creating something I wasn’t excited about.

Those days are thankfully over!

I rarely even get as far as 20 minutes spent on something that isn’t flowing these days. When I’m ready to come back to it— it does flow!!!

If you’re doing too much, pushing too hard in a way that doesn’t feel good or making yourself meet goals you don’t even want or need to have instantly… dial back. All that trying can be making things way harder than they need to be!

Open-hearted always wins!

If you need more power, reach for more love!

This is a never-fails-me equation. It’s the simplest way to have more power, influence, insight and inspiration.

Whatever you love, do more of it!

Right now, I’m giving my home some love before a huge afternoon of creating that’s stretched out in front of me.

If you’re eager to be more open hearted, relax more for starters. Decompress. Rest more. All that softness will start expanding your heart energy, and all that love-filled energy can is life-changing!

Focusing with love is the greatest way to focus with power!



P.S.: If you’re ready to take the energy around you to the next level, detox the negativity and make space for joy, the Joy Immersion: 30 Day Negativity Detox is here for you.

THE JOY IMMERSION is a commitment to happy-making, mirror-polishing, life-lifting and simple space shifting for 30 days. It’s loaded with lots of actions that can help you detox from your own negative stuff, uncover more of your greatness and light, and see happiness everywhere you look…!

There’s feng shui, there’s life-shifting, there’s lots of creativity… and it’s a daily commitment to a positive life shift… which is a positive life shift already!!!

And you can start right HERE!


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