The Magic Of Making Powerful Choices Every Day!

Apr 19, 2019 | Creativity

If you think about it, choices are how things manifest.

Making the choices that light up your life can be the ultimate in manifesting magic…moment-by-moment!

We are raised on a lot of mythologies about transforming life and making things happen that perpetuate themselves–

A prince (or princess) will come and choose us and transform our lives.

A big decision one day will be like a genie in a lamp that instantly creates a new paradigm, a “whole new world” so to speak.

If you worship your work and sacrifice every bit of your life, you’ll be a success story.

And on and on.

These archetypal stories are fed to us in fairy tale, movies, books… they’ve been passed down through generations and perpetuated in everyday life.

You might (like almost all of us do!) find yourself wanting and wishing to be lucky, wanting to be chosen and wanting to find the way to sacrifice and “hustle” enough to emerge with a fortune.

This is a slippery slope. You’re the effect of things rather than the creator. You don’t have a whole lot of choice in the matter.

I prefer this… and I’m sure you do, too!

This mindset of “I can create my life. I do create my life. I make my life happen,” is way more magnetic than, “I hope it happens…!”

The thing I’ve seen people run up against (myself included) is this funny and common paradox:

“I am the creator of my life… but, also, I need luck and need to be chosen and need to have all kinds of stuff line up that’s out of my hands for things to work out.”

You can’t be creating life and hoping for miracles to save you because you have no creative power… and then doing both at the same time and expect it to work.

You’re basically dipping your toes in two different pools at once and not committed to swimming in either!

In order to swim, you have to pick a pool and immerse yourself, right? But if you have one foot in the “I’m creating this…” pool and another foot in “It’s all out of my hands…” pool, you can’t swim at all!

The start of making more happen is to decide to go ALL IN as the creator of your life… no matter what. “I am the creator of my life!” Just saying that out loud, you may feel a rush of energy coming into your body!

Then what?

Choices. All day long, every single day. Making lots of choices.

You have the choice regarding just about every part of your day. What will you do in the morning? What will you watch, think, talk about, Google, share, wear, do, make, eat….

Each one of those choices either lifts you higher or doesn’t. It’s really simple.

High vibrations make dreams come true.


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