Removing All the Energetic Limitations From Your Life!

Apr 22, 2019 | Prosperity

We are unlimited. It’s the most awesome thing to know that every awesome thing you can imagine is possible .

With all that awesomeness… you might wonder as I did, daily and all through the day, “where is all this unlimited stuff?!”

One of the reasons that possibilities can seem limited to what’s “realistic” in a reality that decreases what’s possibly by the day is that we can get attached, on an energetic level, to things and events and people in ways that reinforce limits.

To be free… set yourself free!

Free yourself of toxic ties.

I know this may be a process that is a journey rather than a quick destination to get rid of ALL of the layers of life experience that have shown up as trauma, upsets, disappointments and all that stuff… but when you start with the things showing up as blocks in your own life the most, you are free to fly higher and higher!!!

Last year, I did a few powerful Cord Cutting Energy Sessions with my friend Julie Hovsepian who takes cord cutting ( the process of removing energetic cords that can attach us to people of the past and the present!) to a next level. Not only did we cut the energetic cords, she also guided a process of giving back the energy that I was holding onto of others and retrieving my energy from other people.

WOW is all I can say! My life opened up in ways I could barely put in words. My creativity hit a new level. It was like doors flung open, and I can’t say enough about how magical this is, especially if, like I did, you have some things that flash as those people or things that are super-draining!

Right now, you can begin. Decide to take steps to create more defined boundaries in a relationship thats been draining or straining. Start saying NO when you mean NO a bit more often. Make your own choices that are empowering where you’ve felt drained. All of this is magic for making more space in your life.

Free yourself of toxic memory stuff.

Stuff holds memories, and not all those memories are good ones. If you want to be more free— let that stuff go!

Free yourself of habits that make you feel limited.

Where do you feel the momentum is draining from your life? Where do you feel that things drain you?

It’s interesting– I thought my morning green tea was an energizing ritual, but I have more energy, better sleep, less tension and no bags under my eyes (!!!) ever since I quit that habit.

Are there small or big things that you’ve been in the habit of doing that make you feel less-than-shining?

These are the habits to consider quitting first!

Our habits reinforce our beliefs. If you have habits that are draining you, you’re practicing what you don’t want.

I can’t believe all the ways that I’ve done this, and I am always looking to upgrade habits that can fuel my magic rather that extinguish my light.

I have a few habits I’m eyeing to change this season!

If you have some too, join me in ditching a habit that’s an energetic limitation and replacing it with something that is all LOVE.

It’s amazing just how much you can create from this place…!

Here’s to your unlimited days!



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