Here’s How I’ve Been Getting A Mile Long List Of Things Done And Loving It All!

Apr 28, 2019 | Creativity

I’m no stranger to things like… everything piling up, seemingly all at once, so many deadlines in a short space of time, feeling like I can do everything until I attempt to do it…

If you’ve found yourself sitting and looking at/thinking about so much that you have to do and you don’t know where to begin, I’m so familiar with that space.

Every time it would happen I would proclaim that “this is the last time!” and yet, it would happen again and I am grateful that it did and does. Lots happening (hopefully mostly positive and/or highly productive and worthwhile) is a gift. It’s the space I love the most except for the moments between “all I have to do” and “getting it done.”

Those moments between are sometimes days or weeks… but things do get done!

When I handle these times well and use my own best energy practices to flow through things, it’s an exciting time. When I resist the situation and protest the pile of stuff that wants my attention, it becomes a draining and straining situation.

I’m all for the excitement, so today I’m sharing my recent best energy practices to get everything done in am inspired flow!

Right about now, I have 2 deadlines to complete, 3 big things to prepare and really concrete plans to make for 4 more “very important” things.

This might not sound like a lot, but it’s all in addition to my normal days that have been more “artistically unstructured” than every before.

When these things pile up, I can find myself wanting to do absolutely nothing. I go into sensory overload. My mind becomes a swarm of ideas and my ability to edit them starts to dwindle.

I’m not a “stress-driven” person any more, and the stress that starts building is not a welcome feeling.

Where to begin that’s been most successful for me:

Deep Clearing my mind: While meditating is great, I need more of a lifestyle that’s meditative, too. Now is the time where I stop Googling random facts, spending not even an unnecessary minute online, only listening to music without lyrics and only listening to e-books that pertain to whatever I’m doing until I am 100% done with everything I need to do. I stop taking in the random stuff that may be fun (*I love online food, garden growing and makeup videos!) but isn’t my focus.

My mind gets cleared of all the extra input. Wow, what a difference this makes!

Sleeping extra: Like, extra-extra. Naps. Waking up without an alarm. Going to bed without any electricity in my bedroom (*even the lamps are unplugged) and waking up feeling deeply refreshed has been my favorite. I stop using all electronics a few hours before bed and use this time to read, to stretch, to play with the dogs and feel really rejuvenated.

Lots of motion: Extremely long walks are vital for me, and I am so happy to re-engage with them! Motion sets things in motion. You may not want to do the accounting that you need to do and you may feel compelled to sit on the sofa in one place instead as I have. Deciding against accounting and for a long walk, a run, a yoga class, some weightlifting, some dance or swimming or anything else— this can be a path to success! After lots of motion, things swing into motion much easier for me.

Great big plans on paper: I do best when things are very well planned and prepared, and when things all happen at once, those plans tend to get ignored or made with less precision.

I recently realized I had no coordinated plans on paper. They were all thought through and sitting in my mind, constantly preoccupying me with thoughts that I “need to do… have to do… can’t forget to do…” so many things.

All I needed was a real plan on paper. A few of them, actually. Those plans, creating a real outline of steps to get things done — and done brilliantly— are magic for manifesting things… and here I was, without them!

Needless to stay, that quote, “A dream without a plan is just a wish,” started to feel real to me. I’m making many plans now, and with each outline, I feel my footing becoming more solid and my energy rising!

Don’t force things, but don’t ignore them: If you need to get into a closet and you can’t find the key, you could force it open and break the door down, you could call a locksmith or find another clever way to open the lock or you could walk away and not get into the closet even though it’s important that you do.

Some people think that “not forcing things” means “walk away if there’s a challenge.”

No, no, no!

If you’re going with the flow and want to get something done in the face of a challenge, you’ll find a creative way to get it done!

Walking away gets nothing done.

Because I’ve over-used the phrase, “I just don’t feel like doing it,” and it got me nowhere but buried in excuses, I learned to find something about it that I feel like going.

I don’t like accounting but I love to see the numbers all tallied up, so it’s a bit more exciting. I’m not a fan of the gym, but I am a huge fan of the sauna afterward. I don’t love editing videos, but I do love learning the technical aspects of it, so that is something of interest to hook me in…

And, do some small things and get them done to build momentum.

Before I finish all three deadlines today, I have a few small things to do that will feel like big accomplishments, I just know it! And with each of these done, the energy starts to flow!

So, with all that said, I’m off to burn some sage, take a nap and find the flow! I hope you conquer your to-do lists with all the fun, magic and inspiration you want and need!!!

Loving the process helps life to expand even bigger.



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