7 Feng Shui Ways That Changing Your Home Can Help You To Change Your Life!

May 14, 2019 | Creativity

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Feng Shui teaches that your home is a reflection of you in so many ways. And when you change your home, your life can change.

But… how does that work?!

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Here are some of the infinity of ways that you are connected to your home and can shift your home to transform your life!

CLUTTER reflects blocks.

Clutter often reflects other “energy blocks” in life like creative blocks, procrastination too much stress, or other ways that you might feel stuck.

When you start clearing that clutter, high energy, inspiration, flow and revitalization start flowing back to life.

BLANK WALLS can reflect the idea that you haven’t moved into your home fully.

You might have a rental or a house where you are afraid to make nail holes in the walls, so the walls remained empty. This can leave you feeling like you haven’t fully moved in or can’t get too comfortable where you are. Feeling “at home” is an incredibly powerful feeling that gives us a sense of safety, refuge and sanctuary. There are so many ways to hang art like eco-friendly wallpaper, leaning art safely against walls is another… and the list goes on and on. There is always a way!

UNFINISHED PROJECTS can reflect stress in your life.

Seeing these unfinished projects might make you feel many unpleasant things, especially if you really intended to finish. If you have one of these that’s triggering less-than-awesome thoughts, get it done and watch the energy raise super-high in your life!

COLORS can create harmony or disharmony.

Color brings energy to your home and affects your mood, too! Bring in your favorite colors. There’s a way to change anything! Something as simple as changing a light bulb from a warm yellow to a crisp white full spectrum bulb can often freshen the colors in your room dramatically. If you can paint, even a small room repainted in a favorite color can have a major positive effect.

THE ENERGY in your home can support or thwart you.

The energy in your home is experienced through our senses as color, style, light, art, clear space, scent and more. Also, some energy is unseen but very strongly felt. You might have a room you don’t like to spend time in, a patio no one uses or other spaces in your home with energy that you’d rather avoid. By raising the energy in your home, it can inspire life changes to restore, heal and elevate your life.

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A lack of NATURE can reflect a lack of connection to life.

More nature- even a tiny succulent or another small plant on your desk at work—can be incredibly rejuvenating.


How welcome do you feel at home?

Here is one questions I’ve asked myself:


Why don’t you feel welcome? Why don’t you want to settle in and relax?

While you don’t need to welcome everyone into your home… you and your family and friends flourish with more of a feeling of welcome.

These are only a handful of the infinite ways that your home mirrors your life and your home can positively affect your life.



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