Follow Your Energy And Interests To Hit New Highs In Life!

Jun 1, 2019 | Creativity


Following your bliss is the Joseph Campbell mandate of success for everyone.

As much as I love just about every aspect of my life and what and who is in it, bliss isn’t the way I’d characterize how I feel when things are growing, changing and evolving.

What I’ve found lately is that not all the roads that lead to bliss feel like bliss. Some feel full of trial and error, some feel like a mix of diligence and persistence, some require more patience and flexibility…

It’s a little different than floating on clouds of bliss every minute, but when I’m on the right track and in my creative zone, even the frustrating or detail-filled or less-than-thrilling steps feel incredibly satisfying.

If you’re looking to take anything to a place of higher growth— fitness, relationships, spirituality, money, anything— one great place to start is to follow your energy and the interests that are moving you toward them!

Curiosity is a great indicator of treasure!

There’s a lot of gold in all your interests. Whatever you’ve been curious about— explore it! It may sound so simple but I can’t tell you the number of times I have said, “Oh, I want to do this class…” and took three or four years for no good reason (!) to actually do it.

What held me back?

I needed to have a justified reason for doing things, as though everything I learned and explored and everywhere I travelled had to have a clear “higher purpose” behind it.

It’s common. We want to be practical. We want to be prudent. We want to be “responsible” and all of those things.

But, it’s the seemingly frivolous things that I’ve done in the last five years that have created breakthroughs in all areas of my life.

The energy you find in all the things that are calling to you is not an accident.

What you gravitate toward isn’t an accident, either.

I’m finding more and more that as I’m pulled toward new pursuits, new people, new travels and new mediums of expression that there are things I learn in the process that were essential.

The keys to solving your problems may just be in the oddity of a ritual I found when doing Korean 10-step skincare, a recent draw for me. I learned so much about the deliberateness and luxuriousness of self-care, looking in a mirror ( I don’t do it that often) and learning so many new ways to nourish myself.

Really, I didn’t think that a bunch of serums and essences would teach me so much— and it works brilliantly, too! I’ll share my natural skincare tricks that have come from this soon!

Sense what resistance feels like within you, and steer away from it.

I now see that there are feelings I get when I am really off my path or out of synch with my life. I feel dull, flat and stiff. I know those words may sound funny, but we all have feelings we get when we’re trying to force things rather than flowing with them.

When I feel those feelings, I do more of what interests me for the pure passion of it!

Break your own rules sometimes in the name of love and firing up the engines!

I’m not longer mad at myself if I spend the occasional night up super-late in a trance of creative flow. I let myself watch a day’s worth of documentaries or DIY shows when I can’t get enough, and love every minute of it. I’ll stay at a restaurant past closing hours to spend time with someone who is epic.

Normally I don’t stay up or watch TV for hours or any of the above but the rules were meant to be broken in the name of filling yourself up with the energy of momentum.

Momentum builds. It loves a kick start. In fact, when you’re starting something new, an immersion is one of the best ways to get into the flow and dynamism of your new groove. Once it’s in flow, you can find a more daily rhythm naturally, but those late nights and spontaneous ideas and all the brilliance can really get the energy moving.

Next levels are all a product of engaging more fully with life.

You don’t needs hundreds more hours to work like crazy.

You may just need to follow your energy and interests a bit more!

Have so much fun with all that you’ve been dying to do!



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