Own Your Brilliance And Fuel Your Abundance

Jun 28, 2019 | Creativity

There are more that a few things I know about myself, my talents and my life experiences and how exceptional they are.

I know, that’s not humble. Maybe it seems arrogant.

I mean, five years ago I might not even entertain the thought of this, never mind writing down and posting it for the public.

Five years ago, despite how ostensibly well I was doing, I also had no sense of personal boundaries, I made excuses for everyone that I allowed to continually take advantage of me in life and work, and I felt hungry to prove my value in a way I can only describe as— driven toward an unknown destination.

I did’t know what I was place in life going to reach that would switch me out of this cycle, but all my anger, energy work, healing modalities and more was of no service to me in this state of slow drain.

Nothing could help me until I helped myself with this one. But, one day, when I was yet again disappointed by another person trying to make my Feng Shui work their own (the endless attempts at plagarism) I got it, loud and clear:

I had to own my own brilliance and believe in myself in an unshakeable way. I need the kind of self-value that didn’t depend on anyone or anything else.

When that became my focus, the world turned and so many blessings started to rain down.

Do you believe in your brilliance, talents and gifts?

To be clear: I don’t run around telling people how awesome I am and how much I’ve created and how much wiser I’ve become, but now… I own it. I don’t need to make a scene about it. I don’t need to “best” anyone because I’m not competing with anyone but myself.

I’m saying this because I know that you have exceptional talents, gifts, life experiences, viewpoints and brilliance— so much wisdom and so much power— and you may have felt like I did—

— waiting to be chosen. Waiting for the validation, for the perfect people to help me, discover me and prop me up.

— waiting to reach an unknown state in life where I had faith and trust in myself and my judgement, as though that would mystically arrive.

— waiting to be good enough to speak louder, create more, risk more and commit more. Whether I was waiting for my hair to grow, more deals to arrive, more love, more…more…more….

I didn’t own my own brilliance, talents and gifts.

I felt like I had to shroud my intelligence. The most famous relationship coach in the world right now told me eight years ago that unless I was more dumbed-down I would either be alone without a partner or supporting a guy financially for the rest of my life. Whoa. I didn’t believe that— but…maybe I was just too academic?

I’ve learned it’s so easy to be swayed when you aren’t grounded in your self worth. While I didn’t swallow her advice wholesale, I started dumbing myself down slowly… and it was awful for me in almost every way imaginable!

I felt I’d be perceived as a maniac guru know-it-all. I don’t know it all, and I don’t have any interest in anyone living my life in my way. I’ve also come to own the fact that I’m eccentric in ways that make me uniquely me, and I don’t think anyone should feel compelled to live life my way! That said, I “toned down” my strong opinions because I was not that sure of how I would be perceived.

This was my most enormous creative block.

If there’s anything you can take away from reading this let it be this:

Self-censorship keeps you smaller than you need to be.

Speak up, let everyone know what you have to contribute to the conversation that’s unique and watch the lightning bolts of energy start flying.

I also wasn’t too keen on being seen.  For someone who makes videos all day long, writes like crazy and in always on Social Media, this probably sounds strange.

But… I found my comfort zones online where I could easily hide out and not feel vulnerable, challenged or anything else that provided growth.

My freedom came from:

–being as smart as I am, and not letting my intelligence live on a dimmer switch.

–being extremely grounded in my personal wisdom and value.

–being visible in my days— doing things like dressing up a ton more than I used to, meeting more new people, doing live events— it’s been a real revelation.

This is not unique to me.

I’ve seen countless people change their lives in revolutionary ways by owning their own brilliance, talents, wisdom and gifts.

I’ve seen tons of people change with one single courageous decision that was followed by action.

If you’re not feeling your worthiness, radiance and creative momentum, you’ve got little to lose in deciding to reclaim all your power.

The only thing I lost in the process of doing this was everything (and everyone) that was not at all aligned with my wellbeing.

The things I’ve gained are immeasurable.

And, it keeps getting better and better.

Here’s to all that ever-expanding richness that comes from being OK with how awesome you are!



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