Remember To Allow Yourself To Have Lots Of Room To Grow!

Jul 20, 2019 | Creativity


If we had everything we ever wanted right this moment, what would be the point of the journey?

It’s really quite fun to have room to grow!

Even when you have everything you can imagine, there’s always more– spiritually, philanthropically, academically, physically, emotionally— there are always next levels and new paths waiting.

“Always growing,” however, does not mean “always dissatisfied.”

Rather, it’s realizing that there’s infinitely more possibility stretched out ahead of this amazing moment.

To allow those new directions and fresh paths to emerge, keep allowing yourself the space to grow!

In Feng Shui and in lots of common wisdom, you might have heard about the need for “room to grow.”

Whether it’s an emptied shelf in the cupboard for new kitchen tools or some space in your closet for new clothes, it’s that space that opens potential new options.

In your mind, you can similarly make space:

One mind-clearing idea: Curb habits of consuming lots of extra data. We don’t really need to know the ins and outs of 500 people’s lives every day on social media, do we? I asked myself that question a few weeks back after reading the updates of about 40 people in a row on a social media feed.

I felt so weird afterward, I longed for the days to return where the only phones we had as kids were plugged into a wall, and to do research, there were libraries. (I know there are still libraries, but it’s very different, we all know this)

Data is great but random data in large quantities is like eating endless amounts of junk food. The first bites are so attractive and then, you just can’t stop eating though, soon, you’ll be left feeling stuffed and yuck.

In your energy, you can become more spacious:

One energy-clearing habit I love: Take a bath with some sea salt (a few cups) or a cup of baking soda. Alternatively, take a shower and imagine it clearing your energy field.

In your work, you can clear space:

De-clutter the busy work that’s not needed. Even the most efficient people can develop lots of ineffective habits and plans full of unnecessary steps.

You can also de-clutter goals that aren’t exciting any more. You may have really wanted something a year ago that you don’t even want now, but, yet, it stays on your to-do list and takes time away from the things you really do want.

In your spirit, you can clear space:

Let the heavy stuff go! Anything that drags you down, anything very negative, mismatched for you, heavy, dreaded or otherwise not welcome can get re-vamped, re-evaluated and cleared away as needed.

There are infinite ways to clear space to allow yourself more room to grow. The key word here is ALLOW.

You don’t need to force it, hope that you did it right or wonder if you did enough.

If you feel lighter, brighter and better, you are definitely clearing paths to more greatness.

All this detoxing is infinitely rewarding! Enjoy it all!



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