Some Of My Favorite Feng Shui Tips To Embrace Change!

Jul 25, 2019 | Creativity


Do you embrace change? Are you resistant to change?

Have you been possibly putting off your bigger dreams because you don’t know the steps to take or… they feel so way out of “reality” right now?

Today’s Feng Shui is all about opening up life to bigger and brighter changes!

“What about moving to Italy?” I was asked a while back.

I haven’t spent tons of time there but the time I’ve spend has been magical so… wow… what a thought. And in the next breath, I said, “that’s a really big move I don’t know if I can handle that much change.”


That was an eye-opener for me who embraces change and lives in constant awe of life expanding.

Now, it’s one thing if I don’t like Italy, I don’t want to move Internationally or there are lots of reasons (like my family, friends and home!) to stay where I am, but the way that I said it was… telling.

I realized I’m still resistant to “too much change” as an instant reaction.

And, this made me wonder if the feeling of “too much change” could possibly be what is keeps a distance between me a few of the bigger things I want to create in my life.

I mean, all big things are a lot of change, you know?

Especially the biggest positive dreams.

I sat down and looked at the few things that are personal goals that felt very far away. Realizing them would mean extraordinary change in my life.

I felt the resistance and I was really startled. Not fear of failure. Not fear of success. It was: a Strong Resistance to big change.


So, how do you change this?

I used all the stuff I knew.

I experimented. 

I practiced being ways to embrace change– big and small changes– every day. 

What I found to be helpful: 

Bring the energy of all of those things into the present.  That’s the first thing I’ve always seen work for my clients and for me.

If these things felt like too much change, make them a part of right now and start the change… now.

One switch required me to start carving out more free time. I did that, and keep it up.

One switch required that I take more creative risks every day to get into the swing of bigger risk-taking in a specific way, so I make it my first priority every single day.

What can you do to bring the energy of the change you’re seeking into your present days?

Bring the energy of all those things into the home.

When you see messages of what you want all the time in your home, it brings you closer to it. 

Your home can help you to embrace change in ways both practical and magical. 

Whether you make a vision board and store it in a closet or you freshly declutter and organize your closet to match the way you want to feel when you wake up to go to your new job….

Whatever feelings you want to evoke— bring more of it into your home right now!

Bring in more high vibes in general.

High vibes make things much easier all the time.

From fresh flowers to fresh fruit, awesome music to awesome scents… this is the sensory richness that enlivens every day.

The awesome things you’re wanting are likely very very high on the scale of energy (meaning: they feel great!) so, when you get used to feeling great as a regular, everyday way to be, things will unfold in great ways.

While I’ve been really accustomed to high vibes everywhere, personally I needed to very specifically hone in on the practices and visualization of what I wanted every single day, getting deep into how these goals, when manifested, would make me feel.

HERE is my simplest way to start a visualization practice if you’ve never tried it before!

Every day it became easier to see goals manifesting, and so many did, with way more ease.

Now, when I look at a list of my really big personal wishes, those things feel very close and nearby, rather than very far away.

I look at that list now and it’s not full of resistance.

In fact, it’s been easier to take steps toward those big personal things in very meaningful ways.

If you sit down right now and listed out your dreams that feel really far away– nearly impossible–  you might notice something similar.

Do you have a little bit of resistance to change, even if it’s resistance to the most positive change?

Is this what’s standing in the way of these dreams being realized?

Then, bring more of the energy that you’re aiming for into your life and your home right now.

Live with higher vibes everywhere. 

You’ll start to embrace change in a bigger way. 

And, you’ll enjoy the dreams that start unfolding for you!



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