4 Ways To Bring More Of Your Manifesting Power To Every Day!

Sep 13, 2019 | Creativity


More manifesting power always, to me, means more love.

Love isn’t just romantic, of course. It’s unconditional, open hearted acceptance, totally epic feelings of gratitude, quiet fulfillment, brilliant self-expression and the ability to be yourself without apology.

All this power and high vibrational living is magnetic, exciting and undeniable!

Yessss. The world is ready for all your gifts and talents to shine fearlessly, freely and radiantly!

Here are a few ideas that have helped me to harness more of this love-filled manifesting power in life every day.

Customize, expand and add to these!

The ways are endless but the end product is the same– a life that glows, dreams that come to life and a home that’s equally luminous.

feelings wheel

Use a full spectrum of emotion.

At home and in your wardrobe and creative projects, a full spectrum of color brings you a wide range of emotions. Use these colors liberally.

In life, also use the full spectrum of emotion.

Every emotion is a part of the full spectrum.

While I wouldn’t recommend hovering in anger or stewing in apathy for long periods of time, it’s important to express all of those feelings freely and clearly.

Feeling outrage can move you to the most pointed and positive action. Feeling grief can heal and elevate your life. Feel it all.

Denied feelings get stuck and make us feel solid, ineffective and blocked.

I know good vibes are so important (it’s a cornerstone of my work!) but all emotions are worthy and vital.

Let it all out. You’ll find your voice become more clear, your expression more sharp and your empathy expanding.

Remember that everyone can shine bright at the same time.

There’s not one spotlight to share. There are infinite numbers of spotlights to go around.

Often times, out of guilt or compassion for others, people dim their light so that others can shine.

It makes sense. We’re often taught there’s only so much success and goodness to go around, so the more you have the less that someone else gets.

That’s not true.

There’s plenty to go around. Shine bright and it will give others permission to do the same!


YOU are your #1 investment. Not an extra pair of fun shoes or a thirtieth lipstick— your talent. Your gifts. Your life experiences.

This happens incredibly often for women but for men, too. There’s a promoted myth that there are endless amounts of clothes, skin creams and other cosmetics — things we know we don’t really need because they’re extra— that we’re led to believe will signify that we take care of ourselves.

There’s nothing wrong with investing heavily in fashion, beauty and self-care. But, if you are heavily piling it on in some areas but then can’t afford things like: a therapist you’ve wanted to see for a long time, life-changing educational pursuits or exciting adventures, it may be time to change your investment strategy.

Your wellbeing and talent and life experiences are your #1 investment!

When you make those kinds of investments, the results are palpable, the empowerment is nearly instant and the energy is off-the-charts. It’s way more beautifying than any beauty product I’ve ever encountered!

Aligning your home + life is incredibly magical.

When your energy and life is in order and focused on what you want, you feel unstoppable.

When your home matches this incredibly powerful intention and alignment and is focused on what you want, your manifesting powers multiply.

Right now, this is the single biggest and simplest thing you can do to add more Feng Shui to your home and life:

And, from there, you can build a kind of alignment that can dramatically change your home and life in epic ways!



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