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Sep 23, 2019 | Creativity

It’s so much easier to not pay attention to timing. After all, I think many of us have experienced what happens when we watch a clock.

It moves so slowly. Tension builds. Why won’t this end? How can five minutes take so long? I wish it was over! How can I make this go faster?

It was at my last day job as I sat trying to make the clock move faster that I recognized very profoundly that I was wishing hours of my life away! And, I was completely ignoring anything that could be magical in the present moment. And, the hours didn’t move faster. They moved slower!

There’s something incredible that happens when the clock isn’t watched. When you aren’t waiting for the thing to manifest, because you’re absorbed in the moment right now. When you’re present and it feels good to be present. When you can lean into perfect timing because you know that the timing is always perfect.

Feng Shui is all about flow. Flow will bring you more of everything you want!

My own biggest breakthroughs have all to do with letting go of control and focusing clearly on what I want to create and experience instead.

It was easier said than done until I realized that control was not my ally, it was my worst self-sabotage.

Control is a tricky illusion. Watching the clock doesn’t make the clock go faster. Keeping an eagle eye on the scale doesn’t change your weight. tracking the package every three minutes doesn’t bring it to your door with more speed. All these things can, however, build frustration, blocks and aggravation. They can actually slow things down.

All you do is think abut what hasn’t happened yet, and in that attention to what’s wrong, you see more wrong things.

There are lots of forces at work in life all day long. It’s a play of energy all around us, and there are many different types of energies at work everywhere at the same time. Some are more creative (love, kindness, inspiration and the like) and some are less helpful (stress, anger, annoyance, etc.)…

The diversity of energy will always be everywhere. With Feng Shui, though, you can learn to clear away the less-than-helpful energies.

This doesn’t mean you “control” life. But, it does mean, you start working with the energies that feel better more of the time, and that is incredibly powerful to CREATE life!

Start with space clearing!

Whether you open some windows, clean a countertop, burn some sage or anything else that makes your space lighter and brighter, you’ll have more of the great vibes on your side!

HERE you’ll find one of my favorite rituals for deeply clearing out the negative energy from space coming soon. It’s up for just a few days this year, and it’s incredibly fun and effective!

The other big piece of making things happen faster is more personal, even though your home is intimately involved:


We are energy and we store lots of the sensory information and wisdom that’s also energy.

We store energy– memories, information, emotions– in our bodies in many areas that are often called the chakras. It’s a powerful energy storage system that moves from the base of our spine up to the top of our head, with even more satellite systems in our hands, feet, over our heads and far beneath our feet.

When these energy centers are all aligned and working well, we feel fantastic and things come together with so much more ease.

When these energy centers are out of alignment, things can feel stuck, limited, confusing or not that great, to say the least.

Our home mirrors US.

Our home displays this alignment or lack of alignment.

This season, we’ll be doing Feng Shui for all og life!!

And to kick things off right now, do some very basic alignment–

  1. Where are you spending most of your time? Is it on things that are making you feel better? (*This is how I quit watching regular news broadcasts throughout the day that had no up side, just stirring up chaos.)
  2. How much do you feel at home? What simple shifts can you make that can help you to feel more at home in your home?

These might seem easy, but these two questions can be incredibly life-changing if you take them to heart.

Alignment is not a perfect state. Life is always changing and shifting and growing. Alignment is a state of fluid awesomeness, a feeling you can come back to over and over again, a flexibility and resilience that comes from having a solid foundation.

In that state of alignment, you’ll be too busy enjoying the moment than to start worrying about tracking your packages, too immersed in love to wonder where the perfect mate is, too excited about your projects to worry or fear how they’ll be received… because you already know.

You feel it.

Alignment brings us more in tune with our intuition.

It steers us toward the better feeling paths.

And, it speeds more of the stuff that we want into our lives!

Here’s to your sparkling space and the awesome power you’ll expand as you feel at home in all ways!!!



P.S: The eight week online Feng Shui Camp to make big breakthroughs– The Breakthrough Camp– is HERE!

Your home and life will glow and grow– and you’ll learn all you need to know to keep elevating life to higher levels in all ways.

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