3 Ways To Remind Yourself All Day Long That Everything Is Always Working Out!

Oct 8, 2019 | Feng Shui 101

We may not get to choose every momentary circumstance but we get to choose how we view things.

It’s a mindset more than anything. It relieves the stress. It removes unnecessary resistance. It puts us in the driver’s seat.

It’s also an attitude that we can put into our environment in so many ways to keep us reminded of the thriving, growth and infinite possibilities that are available to us all the time!

Plants. They are growth. See them everywhere.

The plant on my desk has grown to almost four feet tall. I keep expecting it to grow and it keeps on growing. It’s amazing to watch. Another snake plant– my favorite to bring power to my own home– was petering out several months ago. I’ve never had a problem like this before so I made a huge decision to bring it back to life. I cut away the excess. I fertilized it intensively. I put it outside so it could get sun and moonlight for months. Soon, a few shoots grew back. And then… almost overnight, it was restored to it’s glory.

As that plant was being restored, I was in the middle of my own personal energy restoration. It was the months I took a lot of downtime, did less, walked more, socialized a lot, drank more water and got more sleep.

We’re all energetically connected to plants. Cover your home in them. Watch them grow. Learn from them. Grow with them.


Make lists. All kinds. See them.

I keep my wish lists in a red envelope on my desk.

I just unfolded this last one to see where I was at, and it feels really good.

Wish lists, gratitude lists, lists of your talents, lists of your passions, lists of your interests… they are all powerful demonstrations of your gathered-up energy.

Write some lists that gather up what you want the most. Keep them where you can see them. Store them in ways that are appealing. Open them from time to time. You may be surprised how many have arrived!

Feng Shui. Create a home that makes you feel how you want to feel.

Even if you know nothing about Feng Shui, this one idea can guide you to incredible power.

Feeling great is the start of all great things.

Create a feel-great home. Fill it with the color, scents and textures you love.

And: use the tools of Feng Shui to keep on growing that glowing energy.



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