7 Ways That Keeping Your Chakras In Balance Can Transform Your Days!

Oct 10, 2019 | Creativity

(*chakrazulu crystals)

If you don’t know much about the chakras, you don’t need to in a technical sense in order to get into greater alignment. If you do things every day that make you feel better, you are already getting more alignment without knowing a thing that’s special!

If you want to go deeper, I thought it would be fun to explore just a few of the many ways that balancing your chakras can change your life!

Greater glow and flow.  

When all your chakras are spinning in harmony, you have a lot more glow and flow in your days. Each chakra relies on the one beneath it for balance. The energy, ideally, flows seamlessly through your body and your life.

If you’ve got imbalances, the energy might get hung up like a traffic jam in one spot. When I had trouble expressing myself, I had constant sore throats and would lose my voice often. I felt held back. I couldn’t advance past a certain point. That was my throat chakra (the turquoise one above) that was overburdened with energy that needed to be addressed.

Making the shifts in my home and my life to communicate with greater ease eliminated tons of “throat strain” and restored my voice in all ways!

More manifesting power.

When your energy systems are in flow, you are like a car after a tune-up– everything is buzzing brilliantly and efficiently. You operate with ease. You can manifest far more seamlessly.

Life alignment.

Each chakra symbolizes themes in life that start with grounding and ascend to a more universal consciousness awakening. When they’re all balanced, it is to say that your ducks are really in a row in life!

Solid foundations.

The energy of each chakra starting at the base of your spine up to the top of your head builds on the next, so you have a blueprint (that’s practical) as you work your way up from the root chakra to the crown chakra to create a life that is incredibly strong. Think of it as building a house on an incredibly solid foundation. That’s the only kind of house you want to live in.

Moving toward greater freedom.

Imbalances in life as they show up in the chakras are incredible signs to clear that life clutter. As you ascend up the chakras, creating more balance from the root to the crown (red to violet above) you gain more freedom in expression. Your vibration can stay lighter and higher. You have more power.

Creative awakening.  

Creativity is, for lack of a better word, channeled energy. With every bit of clarity and flow you bring to your energy systems, the more you can be an “open channel” fo creativity.

Greater intuition on every level.  

And, just like creativity, the more you are in a flow, the more it manifests in your life in stronger intuition on every level. Each chakra symbolizes a different level of our intuitive superpowers. Feelings, empathy, visions, voices and dreams, a sensation that things are right or wrong, flashes of the future– we have all these ways of picking up information that is expressed in each of the chakras. When balanced, we have these superpowers more intact.

You’ve likely seen that there are foods you can eat, colors, and all sorts of habits, crystals and aromatherapy that’s associated with each chakra.

HERE is more if you want to explore these basics of creating more balance.

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