Tune Up Your Energy And Transform Your Life!

Oct 28, 2019 | Creativity


Tune up your energy and your life will transform.

I start the day remembering one, and sometimes more, of the above list of affirmations and I let these ideas organize my day.

Mainly, I decide that I’m going to feel great and put myself first. The rest of life tends to fall into place when I make this decision. 

The same will happen for you.  

When I forget these things or I’m too busy or just off in some way in my own energy, it’s wild how far off the magic tracks things can veer.

Personal Energy tune ups keep my magic flowing every day. They’re the kind of lifestyle Feng Shui that I’m always excited to share!

Do you believe that major celebrations are on the way? Do you feel the triumphs ahead of you today and the excitement of all you’ve already accomplished?

I’m not suggesting you need to be bouncing off walls in excitement every single minute… but, rather, do you really feel that things are coming together?

There’s a big difference between feeling that everything is working out and trying to force yourself to believe that it is when it isn’t. 

Stay in your truth here. It’s the best place to tune up your energy. Truth– even when you’re frustrated, exasperated and even incredibly angry– is where the big changes spring forth.

Tune up your personal energy.

You might begin by letting every single emotion flow through you. Boxing classes, acting lessons and all kinds of breathing and movement techniques can be of service here. Therapists and healers of all kinds are invaluable.

Let that energy flow. Do not hold back.

This might already set your energy soaring higher and you’ll feel like the mission is accomplished, but after years of roller-coaster rides through life I encourage you to take one more step:

Decide to become even stronger in your own energy.

Your strong energy is the best “shield” against bad or draining vibes.

The first and easiest way to do this is to choose more joy all day long.

I’m about to eat something delicious. I have something fun to do tomorrow afternoon that I’ve not done in years. I am so excited to be back writing the blog every day now…

All joy choices.

What joyful choices can you make?

Infuse more joyful decisions throughout your days.  Already, you’ll feel stronger and brighter.

It’s safe and great to have strong, healthy boundaries.

It’s awesome to do self-care of all kinds.

It’s so fun to have the permission from myself to have more fun.

You likely have ideas of where you can start… and you can start right now!

If you want to take it to the next-level, clear clutter from your home.It’s the supercharger for all the flow and empowerment you could ever want!



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xoxo Dana


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