Are You Asking The Universe For What You Really Want?

Nov 2, 2019 | Creativity


Are you asking for what you really want or what you think is… “realistic” that isn’t that exciting?

Are you not quite fully looking forward to and creating things you want to experience because they’ve become confusing or overwhelming?

Is everything really hard to do, even the things that were once fun or you thought would be fun?

Whenever one or a few of these is true for me, it’s a sign that something isn’t quite right because I’m not really that aligned with what I’m meant to be “manifesting.”

Usually it’s too general a goal, or too small an aim, or too disconnected from my true desires and… it’s time to ask the Universe for what I really want!

Survival mode is a very specific feeling that has nothing to do with how much we actually have.

You can have millions of dollars and still feel the feelings of survival mode— scared, worried, wondering if it will all vanish.

It’s a practiced fear that is meant to help us survive. And, in some ways it’s promoted as a virtuous way to live, ready for every worst case scenario.

It’s often what’s made me aim lower, shrink my own goals down to a size that isn’t remotely risky and left me languishing… waiting for life to start happening.

This might be happening to you, too.

Even if it seems safer to not risk, to not want too much or get too excited or be too intuitive… it’s never fun.

It’s now time to live!

Even if you still have some survival issues to work out, you can work them out better when you’re out of fear, out of over-thinking.

Instead: write down or speak out loud what you really truly want.

Decide that will be the thing for you.

Every single tiny step to get there will feel instantly more exciting.

Clear away the clutter of worry, doubt and working yourself to a frazzle and build more life into your lifestyle.

That’s the beauty of life style— you get to choose a whole lot of how to style life.

If it feels too strange and foreign to live with such creative freedom, HERE is more about the idea of surrender that might be super-helpful to melt away the resistance.

One last thought on this as I get ready to head off to do some big styling of my own home and life today:

Something else wild happens when you ask the Universe for what you really want and decide on it fully.


You’ll see more things fall into place, more ways of ease appear, more happy coincidences and more wild ideas pop up all day long.

That kind of magic comes in big waves when you claim your creative power!



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