Feng Shui To Set Up The Best Days… Ever!!!

Nov 18, 2019 | Creativity


You can set yourself up for the best year, the best month, the best week, the best day…. and even the best hour!

You have the ability to shape your free time, and, even to possibly a greater degree than you think, your work time and responsibilities.

There’s an incredible premium on incredibly high vibes and potent tools to create change.

Sometimes, the shifts can be as simple as deciding that things will be amazing and then following that energy.

Sometimes, it’s time for some extra ideas to transform the negatives and elevate the positives.

Today is all about all of it!

Set the energetic stage for big fresh things to happen every day!

Resist automatic. It’s too easy to fall into even a healthy pattern that is automatic and become less present for the magic of every day.

If you want new things, do new things. If you have a hard and fast routine, that will ultimately get dull and stagnant.

Change at least one thing every day.  Whether you eat with a new fork, take a new route home, or challenge yourself to new makeup every day (!!!) or new food or new anything it’s all awesome.

I started the day doing a scavenger hunt today and I can tell you the day feels completely fresh after that! But, the day also feels fresh after a new smoothie, a new hike, or anything else!

Check in with yourself several times a day.  Of all the things that have raised my awareness about myself, this was the most potent. Sometimes I find that I’m bored, tired, angry, or anything else that I am not outwardly acknowledging when I check in with myself throughout the day. Once I see how I’m doing, I can act accordingly to set things straight!

Do a little home love every day. Whether it’s tidying the countertops, opening windows for fresh air or doing some mopping or sweeping or anything else that’s simple— this all makes a big difference!

Clean up the messes one by one. For the New Year, I start with massive de-cluttering and organizing. That Feng Shui De-Cluttering Catalyst Camp program has been the #1 way for me to align with fresh starts and constant growth.

Right now, you can start very simply:

What is either cluttered, disorganized or otherwise turned upside down that you’d like to set straight?

Start, step-by-step, setting them straight.

I can name, even in my home that’s combed over daily, about seven projects, possibly eleven… and they are all, one-by-one, in the process of clearing and organization.

Commit to the highest vibes.

Your decisions to keep on choosing the highest vibes, seeing the bright side and making choices that move you toward the bright side will be the most major groundbreaking decision you make in terms of elevating your energy. Every day. All day long.

Here’s to the best days ever!!!



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xoxo Dana

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  1. Dana

    This was a wonderful reminder Dana. This is exactly what I needed to read today. I love your work…. I think I’ve been reading you and heeding your advice for as long as I’ve been married! 🙂


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