8 Creative Ways To Gather Up Your Brilliant Ideas And Bring Them To Life!

Dec 27, 2019 | Creativity

Chances are you are overflowing with great ideas every day.

From the smallest comments (“wouldn’t it be great if…”) to the grand visions of the future that can flash in our minds when we’re doing something ordinary like washing the dishes… there are endless ideas that flow to us and through us every day.

Some people are great at keeping them together and making something of their ideas. I spend most of my life in the other group of people who either couldn’t organize all the ideas, couldn’t focus or fell into a creative block that persisted for years.

Coming out of that stuck place I was greeted with so many ideas that I was applying to graduate schools at the same time that I was starting a jewelry line at the same time that I was working on six other projects and I still couldn’t focus sharply enough to make a big breakthrough.

I needed to get my ideas together: organized, synthesized and visualized.

In the process of clarifying all these ideas, enormous breakthroughs happened.

Let’s talk about gathering up your brilliance and making it manifest every day.

wish jar

Start a wish box or jar full of thoughts and ideas. This is incredibly easy to do. Keep a pen and paper beside it. Keep on adding to it. And, then, use the jar!

When you sit down to brainstorm and plan, dump out your jar at least once a week and start reading through ideas.

Carry an idea notebook. Sometimes I do this on my phone in my “notes” section of the phone, but it’s never quite the same as writing things down. When you have a notebook with you all day long to record your ideas, you’ll collect a bounty! And, don’t dismiss any ideas. You may never develop eco-friendly glitter pens, but it’s an idea for a reason so it matters!

Voice-record every flash of inspiration and categorize it later.

20 year ago I had a very very famous psychic tell me that I would be walking around with some kind of tape recorder, recording all of my ideas. That seemed a little far-out to me. It was long before cell phones were computers. And, here we are. As I walk around taking into my phone, talking out my ideas into the “voice record” feature, I see what she meant!

Voice memos are a great way to keep your ideas together in a flash!

Make a classic Vision Board that’s never-ending.

You don’t need to make a “finite “vision board. Get a giant board and keep on adding images and ideas as they come to you throughout the month or the year!

Use Pinterest. Or Instagram.

I love using Pinterest for my “infinitely large” vision boards. I have a few Private boards that I use to great visions for each new year and new chapter of life!

Start mastermind groups with friends.

Not only are mastermind groups— groups that come together to brainstorm and help each other– super-powerful to stay motivated, they are a great way to gather together your ideas to both help yourself and other people at the same time. You can do a mastermind with even just two people and it can be magic synergy!

Make a massive Mind Map and keep it growing.

If you’ve never made a Mind Map, you can learn more HERE! You can make a giant one that starts small and keeps expanding over the month or the year as you add on new ideas.

Decide to innovate every day.

This is an epic way to start calling upon your ideas and gathering them up, daily. Decide that every day you’ll do at least one new thing or, you’ll do something a little differently. If you’ve had ideas about hairstyles, it’s time to try them out! If you’ve had ideas about art, it’s time to make it.

If you challenge yourself to put at least one idea into action every day in a new way, you’ll flip on a creative switch that’s endlessly exciting!

Now… to bring things to life with even more flow and power:

Clear your life of anything and everything that might be in the way.

Whether it’s cluttered drawers or desktops or anything else… there’s an enormous opportunity present in all that clutter to open more doors in life that ever before, almost instantly, the moment you decide to start clearing it!

Don’t stop at your home though.

That’s just a foundational starting point. There’s an entire digital world, schedule, personal systems of energy, beliefs and ideas and even your plans that can be cluttered as well.

When the clutter starts leaving your home, you’ll see energy open up for the rest (mind, time, energy, beliefs, digital world and more!) to start moving with more ease. With each step your take you’ll feel the shift and you’ll bring in greater abundance in all kinds of ways. Energy expands and momentum grows.

And, you’ll have the focus to bring your brilliant ideas to life as more brilliant ideas are born.

That’s so important in making things happen: there’s no shortage of ideas when you’re in a state of flow! You won’t feel precious about ideas to the point where you try to be perfect, so you’re more apt to take creative risks and soar from this space of freedom.

If there’s nothing in the way, you’ll bring your ideas to life in ways that often exceed your expectations.

From a very uncluttered place in my life 15 years ago I started learning Feng Shui as an interest and never did I know that it would lead me to here.

That’s the beauty of following your bliss, honoring your personal brilliance and putting action behind your inspiration.

Something truly amazing is always about to happen!



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