8 Small Shifts That Are Life-Changing For More Productivity!

Jan 8, 2020 | Prosperity

Making change of all kinds– even the giant transformations that every New Year, birthday and astrological shift seem to be the harbinger of– is largely comprised of taking small steps that rack up to huge things.

Even though I can collaboratively plan out a Feng Shui’d home in a few hours, each project is it’s own to implement. And, each one comes with its own benefits, lessons and rewards. While it’s exciting to visualize and plan the entire thing right now (and I’ll circle back to this soon!) the main event of every day is usually one or a few projects that move those things forward.

When it comes to getting more done, the focus is usually on the doing– make more calls, write more words, send more emails, have more meetings– but there’s much more to productivity.

There’s energy and alignment behind productivity at it’s most effortless and best.

Today’s Feng Shui is full of small shifts that make big productions come together with ease and help you to get a lot more done in a way that has an impact!

Wearing gowns on mountain tops to walk in a stone labyrinth with a brilliant photographer is a lot of components at once. And, a few years ago when I first wanted to do this, I quickly shoved it aside because it felt overwhelming to produce.

Instead, on a random early afternoon with my brilliant artist friend, we wandered up the Canyon. I had gowns easily because I took the steps over a year ago to amass every single garment I wanted to wear for art’s sake, and I had, nearly a year ago, asked my brilliant artist friend to do sets of photos and so, we have lots of synergy. She also knew where the Canyon was and I was all ready to roll because I keep sneakers in the car, another small habit picked up over time.

What would have taken me hours to overthink was done in 30 minutes once we hiked up to this glorious peak.

Small steps accumulate. The same goes for talents, confidence and mastery.

Everything grows as you take the steps, but the steps are often non-linear. The best ones are fun. And, like deciding I’d have tons of dresses on hand or making it a priority to always be ready to hike, these small things may not seem like a big deal but they, among other things, helped me to be radically more productive in 2019 and they’re being multiplied in 2020.

Here are a few small shifts you can customize to fuel your productivity with fun! These may seem unrelated to your big achievements, but they are, in my experience, very much related!

Infuse the morning with something magical to eat or drink (or both)!

My day starts with chaga (mushroom) tea a smoothie that’s so deep pink and purple that it’s almost neon, overflowing with berries and antioxidants. It’s a whole different vibe for me, personally, then from when I’d start my day with eggs or pancakes and tons of green tea. While nothing’s intrinsically wrong with my old way, it wasn’t anywhere near as inspiring for me. Give yourself that fuel for your brilliance to shine.

Make a to-do list that’s multicolored and/or simply gorgeous and neat.

Personal Fact: when my list is beautiful and well-organized, it gets done.

I can’t emphasize this enough: when your plans look great they get done in great ways!

Keep your workout clothes or shoes with you at work or in your car and you’ll always be ready for an inspired stroll or gym session.

Always stay ready for an adventure. This can also apply to keeping a snack and some water in your car or your purse just to have it there. A riff on this from my life in New York is that I always had night-on-the-town dresses and shoes with me in a tote bag as I was out working, so I wouldn’t have to head home before heading out. The idea is to always be ready!

Get your nails done.

This applies to both men and women. My manicurist at the local Japanese salon told me that there was research done to show that freshly done nails boost confidence and moods. I haven’t seen these studies, but I have seen how excited I feel for at least three weeks to type like mad and make videos with freshly done nails. Many of my friends- men and women alike- feel the same.

Stop to visualize the big picture all-day-long.

When you’re working toward a big goal and you’re working on one project to move you forward, it’s easy to lose steam or get caught up in the “Are we there yet?!” syndrome where you’re antsy to get things done.

Starting a habit of taking a few minutes to visualize the big picture of your goals as though it’ s all been manifested can keep you in deep creativity, acknowledging the awesomeness of every step of the journey. And, visualizing that big picture is a huge step every day toward energetically creating that outcome as your visualization actually moves energy toward the creation of what you want!

Try the 5-Second Rule. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s here:

Learn something new every day.

If ever you want to stay in the swing of things, commit yourself to learning something new every day. Look up a tiny detail that you can learn to do better. For example, if you make spreadsheets, learn one Excel feature every day until you’ve got more than you need, learn skills of negotiation to get a raise, skills in your field of expertise…. and keep on growing.

You won’t ever be bored or complacent or feel unaccomplished if you’re learning tons of skills. You’ll be in a state of daily mastery.

Clean your workspace at the end of the day.

Whether that means wiping down your desk or cleaning the floors of the yoga studio, cleaning your personal space will keep you in constant momentum, ending the day on a high and starting the next one on a high!

And, always celebrate your success, ever single step along the way!



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