Harness More Of Your Miracle-Making Energy!

Jan 15, 2020 | Creativity

Here’s to all your miracles made evident and amazing things happening left and right all day long, every day!

And if you want to live in more of those miracle feelings, it’s time to generate much more of them!

Feng Shui is very practical magic in my way of going about it. You don’t need to take big leaps of faith. You’ll see the results when you decide… then do what’s most exciting!

I’m obsessed with the faces you’ll see when you cut open a bell pepper. They’re half happy, half scary and 100% incredible.

This is an everyday miracle of sorts. The wild and wonderful things to observe. The brilliance of nature.

And then, of course, there’s the stuff like unexpected money, answers to prayers and meeting soulmates and more.

All the stuff is amazing. If, of course, you choose to acknowledge it and let it into your experience.

If you’re always dissatisfied (one of my old traits that was so persistent with perfectionism), not willing to celebrate until you reach the finish line or waiting for something to happen that relies upon pure luck… start here:

Decide you can be happy now and that happiness will fuel your creative power.

Happiness might not rain down in an instant, but if you’re willing to entertain it, it will come in so many ways as you move through the day and see things that are just… awesome.

Now, once you’re in a more celebratory mode, you might already feel like your magnetism is hitting a new high. Don’t stop now. Lean into that joy.

Immerse yourself in an environment that demonstrates flow.

What does that mean?

You do the dishes, you have a made bed, laundry folded and maybe even a fully cleaned house. There’s organization, and maybe you’re ready to create more organization today.

When you see that things are “together” around you, you’re ready for more things to come together.

And, there’s always a next level to reach.

See growth and transformation around you, everywhere!

I love to see transformation. This Salt Water bowl (video is HERE) demonstrates transformation every day as negative vibes turn into positive ones. At least that’s the symbolism of the salt transforming into clouds of crystal, and I love that symbolism.

See this energy everywhere.

See things growing. Make a chart of your big goals and give yourself gold stars stickers every day for every step you take. See your collections growing on display on a shelf. See your art practice growing as you hang up your work.

All this growth is fairly addictive!

And, as you get into this flow, you won’t be waiting for miracles. You’llstart to see that they’re everywhere waiting for you to experience them!




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xoxo!!! Dana


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