5 Feng Shui Ways To Tap Into More Genius And Success!

Jan 25, 2020 | Prosperity

Oranges and cloves represent the highest of vibrations, a sensory rich and glorious experience of the highest energy that manifests incredible things.

There’s a pervasive sense that we need “luck” to create breakthroughs and those magic days where the people, ideas and all the right things come together perfectly.

It’s really more like deciding to put out a bowl of oranges and maybe stud them with cloves if you’re feeling fancy— the energy is utterly magnetic and it’s something you’ve created.

It’s not pre-ordained, written in the stars or granted to you on special days.

There are so many Feng Shui ways to harness way more of this genius power every single day, and today I’m sharing five that have been my go-to methods as this year gets into high gear!


Early morning routines can be filled with personal magic.  It’s so easy once I’m consistent. When I have all my morning routines that fuel me- from exercise to meditation, writing and beautifying– done before 8am, I’m truly unstoppable.

If you don’t know how to change your sleep schedule, here one way how: stop eating 12-16 hours before you’d like to wake up. That is thought to re-set your food clock and get you up earlier! I can’t manage 16 hours, so I aim for 12.

Tune up your energy BEFORE you start doing lots of work. Why would you send out less than your best? I ask myself that when I hop out of bed to do something for work before I do my spiritual practice and really get ready for the day. I stop myself, sit down, plug into the highest vibes and then resume my day…! Also, this isn’t just for the morning. I have to tune up my energy all day long before doing work or creating things that are meaningful to me. From naps to snacks, meditation to journalling, there’s always a way to raise the vibes higher!

Infuse the day with so much sensory richness. You can do so many things to make the day more sensory rich like: lighting candles in the morning to meditate, using aromatherapy in your office, wearing your favorite colors… and, so much more. These hits of multi-sensory goodness throughout the day make a big difference in your experience of every day.

Try something brand new every day that you’ve never done every day. A new affirmation? A new sparkling water? A new medium of art? A new route to work?

It doesn’t have to be “work-focused” fo this constant infusion of new things to have a massive positive effect on your work.

Make exciting plans. The key here is EXCITING. Your energy will flow where you’re focused, and if your plan isn’t compelling you really won’t focus on it with as much intensity as you will on the things that you really want.

And, keep on shining!



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