Feng Shui To Increase Your Ability To Attract What You Want!

Feb 10, 2020 | Prosperity

This is the quote that I think of fondly when things start falling into place around my desires.

“…when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

And, if you don’t feel that way right now, despite the fact that you’ve been wanting things quite badly, today’s Feng Shui is full of ideas to increase your attractive powers!

Before I go further I want to say that I believe in action, I live in action and I thrive in action.

I find no joy in just daydreaming all day long. I want to have experiences, I want to get my hands dirty, so to speak, to test things, to try things… to bake the apple cobbler I’ve been talking about, and all the rest!

I don’t imagine the apple cobbler I want will simply appear out of thin air because I’ve envisioned it.

But, I did manage to accumulate all the ingredients, including the perfect apples, without even trying, so I’ll take that something of the universe conspiring to fulfill my desires.

It’s a lot easier to talk about making a casual dessert than it is to talk about making money or making art, because then we get into territory loaded with ideas about how hard/rare/needing-of-perfect-timing things can be.

It’s really all the same.

Making my apple cobbler and re-designing and Feng Shui’ing someone’s home in a few hours along with them = the same feeling of creativity in motion directed toward an objective.

Of course, somehow the client or the space to work on arrived in my life similar to how all the components of the cobbler landed in my pantry.

That’s where attraction comes in.

It’s epic when you can think of something you want and instantly experience it. It’s also epic when you think of something you want, get inspired to do one and then the next thing, and… wow… suddenly you’re on a roll!

This is how I used to think that attracting things went:

From all that I’ve seen of clients manifesting powerful things, there’s a lot of goodness in this list.

If you want to increase your powers of attraction, it’s amazing to practice your focus, gratitude, visualization and optimism.

What I did love about this list is that it spreads things throughout the day, so you’re more constantly in your zone of attraction.

If you’re spending most of the day immersed in anything but visualizing or gratitude, you might want to see what shifts when you start doing more of these things all day long. A few minutes of meditation, making a quick list or taking a moment to daydream is incredible.

That’s a great starting place, for sure.

But, If you’re sitting here thinking that you’re so grateful and so full of dreamy practices and nothing big is changing, I am with you.

I could not do the above and see the transformation I’ve seen in myself and my clients over a decade.

If you want to increase your powers of attraction, it’s vital to stay in action.

Bypass your fears, bypass the urge to wait until tomorrow and start taking steps every day that are fun.

The fun part is essential.

You can work endlessly and get nowhere at all. I have done 18 hour days of going nowhere, and it’s a total downward spiral in every way.

When you’re choosing to take steps that feel the best, the most expansive and the most exciting, you’re really aligned with your actions. They’re natural. They’re intuitive. You don’t struggle to seem authentic because you are authentic. Your voice shines through in all you do.

If you want to increase your powers of attraction more consistently, bring more of the energy you want to your whole environment.

Your home, office, car– even your purse or wallet– can be organized more intentionally.

You can bring in the color, the energy, the plants, scents and textures that make you feel at home.

To start– follow your energy and pick some feel-great steps. Get an essential oil spray, light candles, buy new sheets, organize your pantry…

Whatever it is, stay in the actions that you sense are the most right, the most fun and the easiest to achieve.

Then, keep on going!

As you craft a whole lifestyle that feels fantastic (and full of action) you are crafting so much power to attract more of what you want.

And, you won’t be waiting or wishing for things or looking for a magic wand.

You’ll be the magic wand!



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