Feng Shui To Start Saving Lots Of Money!

Mar 8, 2020 | Prosperity

We’re talking about more than spare change today, but spare change can be the start of your fortune-building.

As Cash Camp get’s ready to begin, today we’re going to talk about Feng Shui and your money that is (or is about to be) saved up!

Savings is a long-game situation. It doesn’t end, ideally. There’s always more to save. But, what is really interesting is that often it doesn’t even get started.


I’ve heard many things. Barring emergencies where money needs to be spent down to the last saved penny, not many of them are reasons to spend your savings or skip out on saving.

A few of the non-emergency reasons:

I don’t get paid enough.

Valid, but, it’s time to earn more and there’s always a way. Even if it takes time, you can get there. There are incredible videos full of Side-Hustle ideas to make extra $$$$ right now on You Tube like THIS one. Perusing these I learned that people make a great income teaching English online, tutoring, and doing so many other things that are all possible. Watch lots of them, get ideas and get started.

At one point my very big business was just a hobby that morphed into a side-hustle that grew into this Feng Shui universe, and I can’t say enough about the freedom it brought me along the way!

I have to buy things to stay current with trends/technology.

Unless you’re a tech person who needs this stuff for work, I can tell you that’s not true. I built my business for a solid 9 years on a very old laptop that I used until it literally was unable to keep up with my needs.

I don’t (for a variety of reasons) manage money well.

Well, that’s a great place to start. There are an infinity of resources online to teach you all you need to know to get the basics down.

And, then there’s the one I hear the most frequently:

“I have money blocks.”

Nope. You don’t. While you may not have a mindset and belief system that’s as well-developed and practiced as the income you seek to make at this point, nothing esoteric is stopping you from learning about money and saving it, even in small bits, all the time.

If you had any idea of my history you’d know that I did not “inherit” a prosperity consciousness.

The good news is– you can create it!

Every day that you learn more and practice more care for your money your relationship with it will improve.

So, that just scratches the surface of the reasons given for no savings, but the Feng Shui of it all is far better to focus on, because what we focus on will grow!

You need space to grow anything.

So, if you’re living in clutter or have a cluttered wallet or desk, now’s the time to clear it. I’m making a desk Feng Shui video soon, but we’re starting with your wallet, first, today:

Organization brings things into greater flow.

The more you organize your life, the more you’ll be set up to prosper.

Even a dollar saved a week starts things moving in the direction of your savings account.

This video presents an awesome project that can help you start saving, today!

Intention shapes energy.

Do you have a goal for how much you want to SAVE this year?

I know it’s easy to talk about how much you want to earn, but a savings goal is tremendously important!

Your whole home can be a magnet for more wealth.

This is the larger Feng Shui concept and one of the most important things when it comes to changing habits: your environment is constantly influencing you.

When you do even simple things like take more initiative in your home maintenance, you’ll see the dramatic difference in how easy it is to feel more inspired, awake, excited and… yes… prosperous!



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A de-cluttered home is just the beginning.

We create space for more flow, more inspiration, more money-making, more free time, more love, more manifesting and more sustainable living… all in one eight-week immersion!

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And, if you want to dive in to your own personalized feng shui in a modern, practical way, Say hello to Feng Shui 101.  

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It’s not filled with strict rules or what you “must” do.  

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And, as always, please let me know what happens!


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