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Mar 20, 2020 | Prosperity

Daily intention sending is incredibly powerful.

Today’s Feng Shui is a reminder of how powerful you are and a practice for these unprecedented times that can help you to transform any environment or situation.

These moments in history are calling us to rise up. And, as we do, we may just transform ourselves in the most epic ways.

I set timed reminders on my phone to send out intentions.

Lately I’ve been doing it several times a day and I have no intention of stopping once this global crisis ends.

There’s no one way to do this. I close my eyes and see my intentions moving from me light rays of light to their desired recipient.

The one thing I make sure to do is to send intentions every day that feel really good. When your intentions are pure and focused, they will move mountains.

Spend time sending every to everyone you love. You can also call them and tell them, but a little extra meditation on this energy-sending never hurts!

This one is easy. It’s a big part of my spiritual practice — and possibly yours as well– but I also dedicate time every day right now to sending extra love and high energy to everyone.

Spend time sending energy to the planet to help it heal in every way. You may see illness leaving the planet, you may see nature restoring itself, you may see crops growing abundantly…

Embrace what you see and feed that beautiful vision all day long.

Send love and strength to the heroes. Now is a great time to send love to the janitors, grocery workers, delivery people, nurses, doctors, and all the other heroes who are keeping the planet flowing.

Send energy to yourself. Don’t forget to intend for your own glowing greatness, too. While giving to others is the greatest part of abundance, giving to yourself enables you to be a healing force and keeps your energy field strong and vibrant.

It’s time to glow in all ways so that, collectively, we can overcome what we’re faced with today and emerge more awesome than ever before with unity and all our superpowers activated.

Stay well, safe and in the light. I’m sending you all my best intentions every day!



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