3 Feng Shui Methods To Manifest More During Quarantine

Mar 27, 2020 | Creativity

When you can’t leave the house– and Los Angeles made it official that we’re home for at least two more months– things change quickly.

And, in this case the greatest good is staying home. But, that doesn’t mean that live is on a pause. It’s still happening.

And, you can actually continue to manifest– possibly more than ever– while you’re at home– starting right this minute.

I am intensely blessed and grateful. I’m healthy, I have so much and my home is full of love. There’s no way you’ll catch me complaining.

Instead, this time is calling me to dig deeper so that I can give and help much more.

I’m ready to become more of a master of new modalities, more organized in ways I’ve dreamed about (more on that soon) and far more deliberate in how I shape my days.

When Monday melted into Thursday last week, it was a wake-up call: I was letting myself float through the days on automatic rather than being the author and creator of my days. Basically, it felt like my life was melting and that is unacceptable. To think of all the people sacrificing so that I can stay home and safe, there’s just no way I’ll squander this time.

While I was sort of floating during those melting days, I started thinking so many unproductive and backward things: Is this really happening? I better watch the news… What will happen next? What… How… Where…?

That was not how I am going to spend the many months ahead of us.

I had to get myself together and embrace this moment in every way.

My decision after watching nearly a week melt into a blur:

I am using this time to transform, grow and emerge from it ready to be of far greater service to the world around me.

As Abraham Hicks says, “your choices of action may be limited but your choices of thought are not.”

So, it’s time for manifesting practice!

I’ll make a more in-depth video on this, but these ideas are so easy you can grab what works and get started right now.

Start some self-care that is more elevated. This doesn’t mean you need fancy bath salts or special tools. Elevated self care means that you’re putting more care and energy behind your actions.

Maybe you take a bath with calming music on? Maybe you spend an extra minute massaging your scalp as you wash your hair? Maybe you take a few extra minutes to meditate?

Make a Schedule for yourself. I know that the world is full of free streaming meditations, tai chi, lectures and more learning by awesome people who are sharing incredible things to be of service. Schedule them into your day. (Stay tuned because on FB live I’ll have a full roster of video Feng Shui tips coming daily at NOON in the next two weeks, and so many more longer videos on You Tube where we can dive deeper!)

It’s amazing to keep on learning. But… it’s also incredibly important to stay personally productive in creating your days. It’s fine to have a more “loose” schedule, but it’s powerful to have a schedule of some sort. It’s where you start shaping energy in ways that support you.

Use your mind. Your mind, your energy, your imagination– this is where you start crafting your life. If you can download Shakti Gawain’s book Creative Visualization you’ll be mesmerized by all the awesome visualization techniques. That said, you can have just as much success using your own techniques if you’d like. Closing your eyes, seeing what you want as though it’s a movie… that’s pretty much perfect. That daydreamy visualization time is essential.

I’m honing my visions all day long every single day now.

Intense periods of honing vision and visualization lead to the most massive breakthroughs…!!!

Expanded self-care, expanded creation of your days and expanded visioning are each life-changing on their own.

Pull them together into your own practices and you’ll be blown away at how much you can create!

And, of course, if you want to multiply your manifesting in a huge way, Feng Shui is the ultimate immersive manifesting modality!

xoxo Dana

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