Simple Ideas To Get Ready For Months Of Manifesting!

Apr 1, 2020 | Prosperity

There are a lot of things happening at once right now. And, in all ways there are always lots of things happening at once, though usually they’re far less urgent than right now.

That said, we are, by and large, typically very busy. So, the idea of creating new habits can seem tricky for many.

There’s already enough to focus on, you know?

But: unless we can focus in on the new things that we’re creating for the future, even for just a small amount of time, we’ll always be sort of taking things as they come and wondering if big changes will ever arrive.

Things change when we start changing them, even in the smallest of ways.

In the midst of all that’s happening, it’s always an amazing time to start manifesting much more.

You can set yourself up for great success in manifesting more of what you want in easy ways.

Do a non-judgmental look at what life’s been like. Are there areas of life you haven’t been putting much attention into lately? Are there things that have been ignored?

Shifting your focus to these things– whether it’s calling more friends and family, drinking more water, spending more time reading, exercising, practicing a skill or anything else that’s not gotten much attention– will bring you a whole lot of creative energy. Your life will expand in scope so you’ll be more open to receive more.

Do home repairs that are easily DIY projects.

Fixing my sink felt so rewarding, and it also reinforced for me the notion that I could do so much more of the things that I once thought I couldn’t do!

I felt the same way when I learned how to use a power drill.

If you repair things or spruce them up (like deep cleaning the coffee machine and simple things like this) you’ll see more things coming together, being revitalized and feeling stronger. And, you’ll be stronger in your creative prowess in the process.

Start sleeping enough.

There are so many benefits to more sleep. Sleep has huge positive effects on your mood and the sharpness of your mind, as well as your whole body and life!

Sleep as much as you can. You’ll feel more capable because you’ll be more capable!C

Take time to relax. 

When you have regular breaks at work, you’ll be far more productive. When you relax more in general, you’ll be more open-hearted and receptive to all good things.

Even a few of these simple things can set you up to manifest so much more effectively.

All of your self-care is another booster to help you create your lives with vibrance and clarity.

Take a little time to Feng Shui your home in simple ways and, step-by-step you’ll see your manifesting power multiply even more.



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