Aim High Enough When Setting Goals!

Apr 16, 2020 | Creativity

Aim high enough when setting your goals and you’ll have a lot more energy behind you to bring them to life!

I had a big brilliant question come in yesterday about aiming high.

The gist of it (I’m paraphrasing) is that, “I don’t want to aim so high because I might not reach the goal I set, and I don’t want to aim too low… so I’m not setting goals at the moment.”

The beautiful way to look at this is very simple: you don’t have just one option.

It’s a challenging time for so many of us around the entire world on nearly every level, and as challenging it can be, it’s also so important for me, personally, to maintain a vision for now and what’s next.

So many of you have shared this desire with me to stay in the light and grow from this time, and it all starts with a strong decision.

Goals, intentions, visions– whatever you want to call them– are, ultimately, a decision to focus your energy on what you want.

Great! So, what happens when things are so uncertain, so upending or, even before this, so confusing (don’t want to fail, don’t want to dream too big) that no decisions get made at all?

Having lived with no direction for a pretty long stretch of time I’ve been grateful to come upon ways to set the bar high and ensure I’ll see success.

This is incredibly easy, it’s been validated by friends who have used this more comprehensively than I have in the past, and it’s incredibly intuitive.

First, let’s start simple. If you don’t aim high enough, you may not even be motivated to pull your best ideas, creative passion and all kinds of energy together to even meet the lowest bar you set for yourself.

I started out aiming low so I wouldn’t “fail”.

I’d say, “I’m grateful for whatever I get.”

I failed a lot when this was my guiding principle.

Of course, I’d be grateful for anything, and I am grateful got everything, but… this attitude doesn’t really inspire genius in me. It doesn’t bring out the best in me.

And, it certainly left me spinning my wheels (even when the economy was booming back in the 2000’s and my friends were all flourishing) why I wasn’t getting much of anything even though I was working so hard.

I was, essentially, without a bigger vision. I was so hung up on my need to stay grateful and insulate myself from the potential failure of not living up to my great expectations that I failed to actually bring my best to anything I was doing. I was exhausted, I lost faith in myself, and I was never surer what to do next.

I’m grateful, always. I know you are as well. But, there’s no shame in aiming high.

If it doesn’t excite you, if it’s not crisp and clear to you, you won’t move forward with the same magnetic purpose and give your greatest to whatever you’re doing.

That brings me to the next strategy I embraced: all-or-nothing. My extreme switch from not wanting/ striving for anything specific and certainly not expecting much of anything was to set the bar so high and torment myself if I didn’t meet the enormous standard I set.

What a demoralizing time that was. Not only was I un-creative (that’s apparently what happens when you pressure yourself like crazy), I was also miserable and nothing ever matched up to the extreme outcomes I embraced as the only way.

Now, this was really crappy because I really did feel genuinely excited when I was aiming for things I really wanted. That excitement got crushed under the unrelenting stress I piled upon myself, but it was real and it was there.

This is when I realized I could actually set targets like old school salespeople did that I knew when I was growing up in a small town in New Jersey. They had tiers of accomplishment. Some months, they were top salespeople, some months they simply met their pretty steep quota which gave them a good sense of accomplishment and some months they came in-between the two. If they fell far behind one month or two, these people had faith in their ability to recalibrate and keep their aim high, sometimes coming off a downturn with huge numbers following that dip.

I started setting a very clear goals that would feel really good to achieve, and not too many at once because you need focus to really flourish.

Then, I’d give myself the dream scenario I’d aim for the entire time, because that vision was sharp and clear and motivating in every creative way.

If I feel in the middle of the two, that was fantastic.

I started feeling so much less stress.

I started acknowledging my progress for the first time ever.

I started achieving much more without berating or torturing myself and always falling short of my expectations.

Several friends who have, independent of my own realization, done this in their own ways to map out goals for their whole life have seen it be wildly successful.

Its still common practice in many businesses and sales teams with their financial projections, etc.

Applying it to your life, it can feel less scary and daunting to aim for the things you really want and know you’ll always have greater success because you’re showing up fully, you’re excited and deeply engaged.

You may not know everything you want right now and there’s certainly a feeling that we’ll have a very different world when this global health crisis ends, but you can still start now with something you know you need or want.

What does the ideal look like? Does it thrill you? What would be a level of manifestation that was satisfying? What would it feel like to exceed that even if you don’t get to the finish line quite yet?

Keep your eye on the ideal and all that it inspires in you.  Aim high enough. And, keep celebrating all you’re accomplishing right now.

It’s really energizing, activating and freeing.

And, you might just be amazed at what you create!



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