Elevate How You Talk To Yourself And Transform Your Life

Apr 26, 2020 | Creativity

This is a season of making breakthroughs. I know we’re all ready for medical breakthroughs. Many people are looking for breakthroughs in their personal lives and triumph over challenges. There’s also an undercurrent of positive personal growth by many during this extraordinary time.

I’ve never been more moved to be of service, and to give/share/help/create more that can make any bit of a difference.

My work with Feng Shui isn’t about helping you become someone else. Not in the slightest bit. It’s about helping you become even more of the awesome you that you are!

Emerging. Shining. Owning your talent. Creating your days more and more powerfully.

Today’s Feng Shui is about elevating the words you use to talk to yourself all day long. Ultimately, it will transform your life. And, it will likely have an effect right away!

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I’ve been blessed to do this Feng Shui work over the last decade and a half in so many creative ways, but now the bar has been raised higher. My mind is moving so fast at times that I talked with an intuitive recently who assured me that nothing was wrong and everything was right about my waking up to new levels of creativity. That said, not everything was right.

In all this flurry of ideas and information, I noticed something huge:

I was spending a lot of time (quite recently) tearing myself to shreds with my words.

I’m sure this self-bashing dialogue was there somewhere in the background of my life, but I never heard it so clearly as in this time of stillness and silence at home. There was no escaping it. The only thing to do was to change it.

And in the last six weeks, that dialogue has changed.

Life has changed along with it.

We have so many thoughts that it’s almost impossible to “control” them, and I wouldn’t want to, anyway. I’m sure you wouldn’t either.

I was reminded quite profoundly that our mind will focus on what it sees.

In essence, our environment is sending us lots of messages.

When you see the sink full of dishes, it might trigger an onslaught of negative thoughts and words about how lazy you are, how much of a mess, how overwhelmed, how….

You get the picture.

It’s the same for the unmade bed, the smudged mirror that catches your reflection and prompts another round of nasty self-jabs.

These small barbs are nothing I’d tolerate from other people. I mean: would I let someone call you half the critical things I’ve said to myself and be happy about it?

No way, not in a million years!

But here I was, chipping away at my own joy– subtly and slowly but surely.

There were really small things I did at first that started to shift this pattern.

I started smiling in the mirror.

I polished every mirror.

I started doing at least one extra-great thing for myself every day.

And, from there, the love started flowing to my home.

Sure, my home is “Feng Shui’d”, but it’s been a season since I’ve deep cleaned, so I started there.

While I did this basic stuff, I started catching those thoughts and words as more clearly as they popped up and stopping them in their tracks.

Many weeks later, it feels like I’ve hit a whole new level of self-appreciation. The sage burning works better. The salt baths feel more potent. The writing I’m doing is flowing with grace and power. My decisions are crystal clear.

It’s a personal breakthrough I’m thrilled about, and it’s one that’s ready for all of us.

If you’ve been doing self-bashing, even in subtle ways, decide to kick that thought to the curb and become your greatest champion.

It may take practice until it’s second-nature, but it’s such magic that it’s worth the pratice!



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