Envisioning Life Filled With Blessings Helps Bring Them In!

Apr 27, 2020 | Creativity


I have no personal complaints and only an abundance of gratitude. The last few months have evolved this way for one major reason I can point to clearly as a big shift:


Specifically, committing to my spiritual practice in action in a whole new way and committing to visualization in a whole new way.

Essentially, it’s practicing the creation of a new paradigm.

And that’s the Feng Shui of the day.

This season, it’s all about making breakthroughs.

The world needs breakthroughs. New ways. Deeper healing. Massive fresh starts. New priorities guided by more love in all ways.

I’ve learned in the last 15 years a few unshakeable principles and the very first is that in order for me to be of service in the biggest ways, prosper in big ways, overcome things in big ways– my own energy has to be “on point.”

And, as it’s been proven time and again in scientific inquiry, each and every one of us has a hand in creating even the biggest world breakthroughs.

Plus, after months inside, you may be having the conversation I’ve been having often with friends: “What WILL life be like after this is over?”

We create our lives to a higher degree than we might be aware.

The answer to that question in the many conversations with friends and family always veers back to: “What WILL we choose to create every day moving forward?”

I keep this in mind every day:

The present reality I’m living right now is ready for a makeover at any time I choose one.

For me, the revolution starts with a clear vision: visualizing what I want to experience.

And, it’s reinforced by every action that makes me feel better, all day long, every day.

Visualization is nothing new. It’s something I learned in pretty impressive detail from self-help cassette tapes at age 12 thanks to my father and his deep passion for this stuff. It’s something that, when I’m really in the practice, makes my life unbelievably magical.

Visualization is so incredibly effective, I often wondered in my “busy” days before this pandemic why I couldn’t find more time for it every day.

As the world shut down on this global pause, I realized that I’m no less “busy” but suddenly I have both the time and inclination to start dreaming bigger and doing it all day long.

Visualization 101: Close your eyes. See what you want. Feel it as though it’s already happened. Revel in that vision. And… get back to your day.

You can be much fancier about it, but it’s not necessary.

What’s necessary, as with all life-changing/ habit shifting/ upgrading we can do, is that we practice.

Do a little daily to begin.

Even if you already have a visualization practice, see what happens if you do it more often.

Since I’ve been doing this for the last two months at home I’ve had amazing synchronicity in every day, all kinds of amazing gifts arrive from the universe, from students, family and friends, incredible connections created and big projects ready to roll— all from making this one shift.

Visualization is fun, it costs nothing, it changes your mind for the better, it upgrades your energy, it’s your manifesting power in action and it’s well-worth making even a few minutes for the practice every day.

I’m rooting for your magic to shine even brighter, building an even more brilliant world ever single day, starting right now.

Here’s to glorious new dreams and gorgeous visions coming to life!



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